Shaking hands before or after matches. i get it but


What if they FADC into paper?


I feel the only thing you need to know is your opponents name so you can play them and that’s it. Shaking hands just seems awkward a lot of the time to me, a good game or somethin (if it even was) is more appropriate. I mean when a dude let me use his stick and I beat him, I said sorry and handed it back to him, no shake. I mean he let me use his shit so I said good luck with the rest but outside of that, I really didn’t want to shake his hand and put on a show when he was feelin bad anyway.

And besides, how meaningful do you really think shaking hands are after any sporting event unless it’s like… the Super Bowl and it was actually not a blow out? I know when I played football not a one of us gave a shit about gettin in that line and slappin hands or shakin hands or whatever. We just smacked those dudes around for an hour and a half you think we care how they feel?


Kobe and Le Bron have already posted about this.




Forget shaking hands. I spit on their shoes… win or lose.


Its a simple gesture of respect and friendship. I dont really like shaking someones hand after a match. Sweaty hand shakes dont feel so good. I do it anyhow.


I have a summary for this thread.

"Hey guys let me know you opinions.“
"Your opinion doesn’t match mine your an idiot.”
"Your an idiot for calling me an idiot"
good job capcom community.

Anyways I never initiate a hand shake, but ill stick around if the guy wants to shake.


ryu and ken do it. WHY DONT YOU?!



I’m meh on handshakes, verbal recognition that I’m playing a human being is my preference.


Fist bump is a little too “UFC T-Shirt” for my taste. I’m also not a fun of the black dude “secret clubhouse handshake and half hug” thing. A respectful handshake suits the timelessness of Street Fighter.

Also, you guys are trying too hard to relate this issue with video games. If a dude won’t shake your hand on the street, they’re probably an arrogant douche. If it happens at a tournament, they’re probably an arrogant douche.


i make sure to shake hands with everyone that beats me so i can give them my cold


This is only acceptable if you’re Kuroda. Oh? You’re not Kuroda? Get your head out of your ass, dude, it’s a game. Games are fun.


Its a sign of respect.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet forums. :lol:


Wow, I never really knew that a simple gesture such as a handshake. Really made people upset.

Im that guy who always offers the handshake after the match. Win or Lose, when I get wiped out its harder to do. Cause I feel like I didn’t bring my full A-game. But still, I man up. Accept the loss, learn from it, and offer a simple handshake…Although recently, I’ve been using the fist bump more these days.


Oh come on your not giving blood FFS, what does it cost for a handshake? I’ve always try’d to be as chivilrous and polite as possible at all times so i wouldn’t even consider storming off like a toddler.


As for that tourneyfag BS, would that mean any professional player at anything applys to this? because sportsmen have always been respected, you wouldn’t go up to an olympic gold medalist and call them a *** would you?


This is clearly the correct way to act after a match.


me personally, im a hugger… =) =)


G confirmed as Q in 2017.


Daaaaamn, that’s the nastiest timer scam I’ve seen.