Shall I get a fighstick with a weak wrist?


I have Joint hypermobility syndrome so my joints are prone to injury, it seems to be my wrist which gets injured the most, would it be a bad idea to get a fighstick? I dont usually experience pain from using a pad if that helps.


some people move the stick with their fingers only. also, many people hover their right hand above the buttons instead of applying pressure from their wrist onto the panel. so it depends on how you intend to use it. imo all fine movement can be provided by the fingers with support and repositioning coming from the shoulder girdle. having long, limber fingers would probably be a benefit in removing wrist movement from the equation.

i recommend trying it out at a store or gaming event to see if you can comfortably do basic things without using your wrist. unfortunately it will be invariably more difficult than a pad, as those are designed to keep your wrists stabilized


Maybe consult with your physician but I’d say using an arcade stick is only slightly more stressful on your wrists than regular mouse and keyboard use.


The grip stance i use is more shoulder reliant honestly. I do a slightly different wineglass grip


Dunno movement in Tekken for example can be very taxing on your wrists even with a healthy arm.
Consult your physician and know that a pad is way better for left hand movement than a stick anyways.


I have bad CTS and had to switch away from using stick, however it’s only the button hand that’s affected. The strain on your left wrist will be very minimal, assuming you use a controlled grip, while the strain on your right wrist will be mostly from the repetition of pressing buttons. I think if you’re able to play FPS games with a mouse, you should be able to use a stick.


I’ve got wrist issues (left hand mainly) due to years of gaming and music related hobbies. My advice? Ask a doctor or physical therapist who is familiar with your condition. Medical advice online is a bad idea, especially from a fighting game forum.

Best of luck!


My wrists have been pretty shitty since I fractured my left wrist in 3 places falling down Mount Etna a few years ago, never properly healed, and while it was in the cast I refused to let that stop me doing stuff, so did something to the other wrist as well and I’ve not yet had any wrist problems with making the change to stick fighting =)

(in fact my main issue is that my room is usually pretty cold, and the metal top and bottom plates of the stick get fucking freezing!