"Shall we dance?" Elena Thread


“Shall we dance?”

I’m surprised that there is no thread for the capoeira beauty, so I decided to make one.
She was my main in Third Strike and she could be one of my favorite characters in USF4. :slight_smile:

Also, out of the pre order costumes, I like her new outfit the most. Really nice “tribal” look.

Time to talk about what her new theme and moves could be. Well “Beats in my head” obviously has the best chance to make it, but I wasn’t really a fan of this theme.

Does she have the tools to be a good character in USF4? What do you think?


even though there’s no way of telling if she will be good or not. my opinion is “no”. third strike was a more offensive game. i think elena will suffer with how defensive and slow paced street fighter 4 is.


I have to agree with dominick unless she retains some of her juggle potential. Damage will be hard to come by.
Focus absorb will hurt her because she has long recovery after her main pokes. :d::mp: :d::mk: and :hk:. standing :mp: will be fine because it hits twice.
From the japanese trailer. Looks like she can super jump. Spin Sycthe doesn’t knock down(might be wrong). Her DP knocks the opponent higher( might be able to connect two in the corner.)


Yun, Ibuki, and Makoto disagree.


Yun, Ibuki and , Makoto are rushed down characters. Elena is not. She has her momemts to rush, but she plays like rose with more offensive tools.


That was a response to dominik, since being in a more defensive engine hasn’t hurt their viability.

I always thought of her as Chun-Li Lite in 3S. Funny you should mention Rose since one thing that bothered me in the trailers is that her slide didn’t knockdown.


I’ve heard this Chun li lite about elena as well during my short stint with 3s. So how will she work in the SF4 engine?


there was no reason to play her in 3s. she was really just Chun but crappier. and had a couple gimmicky high/low games that would only work on bad players or online.

they should probably redesign her to something completely new in SF4. most 3s characters who transferred over to 4 played way differently anyway.


If she can combo off all her over heads. This alone will make her play differently. Either block high or low. Their is no character right now that will force you to block high majority of the time. Only low that she can cancel out of is :d: :lk:


That’s true, but now Chun is not as strong anymore. Elena could have even better pokes than her (longer limbs), but we’ll see.


I’ll save my judgment for when she’s actually out, but I look forward to the Kenyan princess joining the fray.

If SFxT is any indication, she’ll have good pokes and decent mix up, but low damage, which in SF4 isn’t as bad as in SFxT. One particular trait I hope carries over is the corner EX Rhino Horn mix up game. (Ref: Ex Rhino Horn Oh you )

Doubt it will, but it’d be cool if they did. I also wonder what moves will be FADC-able. I imagine Spin Scythe will and LynxTail and Scratch wheel MIGHT be. One thing pointed out was that her slide doesn’t knock down, which I was skeptical about at first, but when I thought about it, really there’s only four characters who have a knockdown slide, and Elena having a knockdown threat at that range seems very brutal in a game like SF4 where KDs are so important.

Can’t wait to hear more about her.


I highly doubt they will keep that glitch unless they keep all the pass through glitches though. =(


I unno. I mean, several other characters have corpse-walk/hops, why not Elena too?


Oh for some reason I thought they were gonna get rid of that at least Makoto’s Oroshi pass through… Oh well I still can’t wait to play her.


Elena doesn’t have to deal with parry in this game thankfully. Focus attacks could be a different story though.


Elena never really had to worry about parry to begin with. Kara throw makes up that space where people are going to buffer. Most of her good pokes you’re actually going to make use of aren’t really going to get parried on reaction and she has good tools to blow up buffering at midrange.

I think she’s going to be a lot closer to her xT version than her 3s version.


I’m having a hard time picturing how she’ll be in sf4. Which archetypes will she domiante and which might give her trouble? Is she going to be like rose with dp + overhead and no fireball?


Maybe some super jump canceling, since it seems very likely she’ll have one. She already jumps pretty damn high in xT, but in the JP trailer where she was fighting Dee Jay and hid j. RH, that was some ridiculous height.

Healing will likely be her super with Brave Dance and Spinning Beat as her Ultras.


that was her super jump. That makes three characters with it. The two who have super jump now can get in and out when they want


if she doesn’t have good footsies she’s gonna struggle so hard with that floaty jump.

EDIT: if that’s a super jump in the trailer i suppose it’s not that bad.