Shall We Dance?

After seeing all the great art in the CSFAC thread I was motivated to do a little something.

There are problems with it I’m planning to fix, but crits from other eyes would help a lot.

Wow, you chose a way difficult pose. I give you props alone for trying it. Alright crits, it’s difficult to tell which portions of her body are coming towards us. What would help would thickening the line work around those areas. I see you did a little on her left foot, but it still doesn’t stick out quite enough.

I think the other main thing is watch proportions. Either her arms and torso are too long or her legs are too short. Her right leg is about the same length as her arms.

I like your color choices, nice use of subtle purple in her shadows. Lets see some of that shadow cast by her on the ground plane now. Good job.

A small update:

Okay, now to get cracking on something else.

Did you use a blur tool , what program are you useing and You should go back and blend the colors more with a brush, It will make it look better and less fuzzy/blurry.

A drawing/design for a friend’s shirt:

I seriously need to get back into practice with my art. Anyways, thanks for looking.

In honor of Brawl day here’s a little something I did:

C&C welcome.

p.s. Pit is the shit!