Shallowing wood for increased joystick height


Here is an old HAPP case I bought from Red Octane quite a few years back. When I got to mounting my HAPP stick inside of it, I noticed it sat extremely low because the wood panel is just way too thick.

I mapped out an area that I thought I would need to shallow out abit, but I don’t know how or what tools to go about doing it. Heres a look inside:

Any suggestions? As far as I know a wood router wouldn’t fit inside this thing.


you could hollow it out with forstners and sandpaper but that would be a lot of work

its the only feasable way i can see you can do this


A trim router might be small enough to fit in there, especially if you knock out those corner braces then re-glue them afterward. If you’ve got a drill press that can work in that space you can use Forstner bits to clear it out some then follow up with chisel work to clean it up. If you want to use just hand tools, good chisel work will do it.


if you have a harbor freight near you pick up the trim router: 1/4" Trim Router

these usually go on sale for under $20. i find myself using this tool alot. definitely worth the price.


Thanks for the helpful replies everyone

I’ll be ordering a 1/4" trim router soon unless I can find one locally. Thanks again


You can also use a chisel but it takes FOREVER and is extremely tedious. keep in mind you will need to remove the sides before you can fit any router in there. That will be by far the easiest option though.


a chisel would be simple its partical board you can use a screw driver there is no need to purchase a power tool use a chisel or flat head screw driver will and little tap of a hammer and that shit breaks all apart it will in no way take FOREVER you can even use a forstners bit with out the drill and it would work fine to scrap the wood partical and make it shallow to your needs just have a trash can near by it makes a mess it will prolly take 10 Minutes


I agree with the Rooster. Yeah I would forstner bit a little bigger outlining the edge. If the top is MDF, then chiseling out the layers of MDF should be easy. The way that it seems like MDF is made is that wood fibers and resin are packed together in layers and a lot of it should strip on in a layer.