Shanghai, China?

I’m going to be going on a business trip for 3 weeks to Shanghai, so I’m wondering if there are any arcades there with SF4 (or maybe Soul Calibur 4)

Yes. I’ve heard of at least one arcade with 6 linked Vewlix cabs running SF4, but I don’t know where exactly. I’ll see if I can get more info for you.

the arcade is called ??. (zhengyang)

it’s in the Xujiahui district of Puxi area.

google it up…

6 sf4 cabs…back t back…but coins are lined up in multiple rows…you better get there early.

That’s good to know! I’ll be studying abroad in Hangzhou in three weeks, so I might see if I can make a trip there one day. If anyone’s in the area and would like to be nice to me, it would be cool to have a local contact to answer any questions or something.

Also, anyone know of any arcades in Hangzhou?

Hey, what a coincident. I will also go to shanghai for a business trip in August (13-end). If you are still there at this pm me.

As far as I know, there isn’t much of an arcade scene in Hangzhou. But I was only there for like three days, I didn’t look hard.

I’m just basing this on 300ZX’s reply, looks like there is a competition :slight_smile:

I’ll be in Shanghai from Aug-Sep too

I’d love to stop by that arcade, but I cant find the adress anywhere :confused:
Has anyone found out where it is exactly? (and maybe could post the google.maps link hier for example)

i have the same problem finding it… does anyone know exactly where it is?

I looked up the address of ?? on The Great Battle website ( and found it on Google Maps.

I’ve been posting and reading the ??? ( forums and found out that there’s an arcade called ??? (Shencai for short) in Hangzhou which is conveniently seven blocks away from ??? (Zhejiang Daxue) where I’m studying. That’s pretty nice and I’ll check it out after I arrive next week. By the way, does anyone else post on that forum? I’m wondering if it’s the Chinese biggest fighting game forum or the Chinese equivalent of SRK or something.

This is great, thank you

I’ll stay at the East China University of Science, google says it’s 15min away with a car so if they have SF4 Cabs I’ll sure be there a couple of times :slight_smile:

Will anyone be free for some SF4 games this coming Saturday? I will be in Shanghai for a day on this Saturday :wgrin: