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Any new comers in Shanghai lately? I’m always open to play some SF4, can even host at my place (only got 1 PS3 stick though)


I am pm’ing you as we speak.


Hey guys I’m new in shanghai as well, from Singapore. Name’s Lionel.
I’ve been trying to get to Liehuo but honestly I have no idea how to get around, the cab drivers keep telling me to get off lol. I currently live in the baoshan area, are there any arcades with sf4ae or bbcs around here? Would love to make some friends too!


Baoshan is so far… I think your best bet is looking on qq or 微信 for a group of other SF players. Shanghai is a huge city (similar to Singapore) so there’s a niche group for pretty much any hobby you can think of, SF seems popular here (probably not as popular as Tekken, but still very popular.) You’re from Singapore so you should feel right at home here when it comes to FGs!

I’m sure you figured it out but if you’re taking a taxi just ask them to go to 江苏路 and 江宁路, the arcade is right there. Whether or not that’s the major SF arcade… I don’t know!


Don’t ask them to go to Jiangsu lu, as these 2 streets do not cross at all…
It’s Jiangning lu and Fenyang lu (just say Jiangning lu and Nanjing Xi lu as this street is more famous, and walk 1 minute to reach the place in front of the closed Majestic Theatre)
Here you can find some infos about how to reach Lie Huo


Err 南京西路 and 江宁路 Sorry bit tired when I made that post…


Oh hey so 烈火 is finally open again, as is 卢工. Yah! This past month has been a torture with only 迪美风云 the only place to go to…


Hi guys, I am a british Tekken + Smash Bros. player, based in the Pudong area (happy to play other games since I love FGC in general).

Been living here for 9 months now but my Chinese is only 马马虎虎.

If anyone is interested to meet up, play some games and get good, let me know. I’m tired of bodying all my casual 中国朋友.


I’ll be back in Shanghai on 2 August, if you want to play Tekken and don’t mind the trip come to 烈火 and we’ll play some games. I go like every other day.

Alternatively I’m thinking of going to the arcade in 浦东 (星游? Haven’t been there yet) to play some IIDX… Spada! They have a T6BR machine if you want to play that.


Looking for some mates to play ssf4 together in Shanghai, I usually go liehuo on Sat night or Sun late afternoon


Will be going at liehuo around 6 tonight with a friend, if you want to join


weird to see the bottom floor of the liehuo building clean and all…


Here in Shanghai for a week. Any local meetup or arcade scene for usf4? Thanks


Hi again guys, sorry to have missed any posts here. I will try and subscribe to the thread if possible.

I’ve been busy gathering some Smash Bros players to play the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U with currently. It’s been pretty good interest so far.

Right now though I want to take that to the next level and start running tournaments in Shanghai!!

So I was thinking… FIRSTLY, is anyone interested in learning Smash 4 from within this thread?

SECONDLY… would any Capcom/KOF/KI/Tekken/etc players be interested in combining interests and hosting both games in a venue under one room?

Imagine, we could have our own weekly tournament scene in a quality, atmospheric, smoke-free venue if we all worked together!


Hi guys, I’m a Canadian interning in Shanghai for the summer, is there any local scene for street fighter that is not arcade based? I am a HitBox (can’t use stick for my life) user and I’m wondering if anybody host sessions here that I can join up. I also carry my work laptop that runs usf4 at 60fps if a console is needed?


Hey dude,

A friend and I usually have USF4 console sessions (PS4 now) every Wednesday nights at his place. We are looking for new players so feel free to join in!
We also recently started to play Guilty Gear Xrd, (but at a much lower level) if you’re into that.

Send me a private message with your phone number/wechat ID if you’re interested! We’re located in Jing’an district.


Hi everyone, I’m running a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament this Wednesday 19th at Zapfler Brewhouse, Yongkang Lu (Shanghai). Entry is 50RMB and that gets you into the tournament as well as a free beer too. If you like fighting games and would like to support a local event, please come to this!

Also, there should be some epic food and drink deals (unlimited pizza etc) running throughout the night too, but I’m still awaiting confirmation on that from the Bar Manager (he’s really cool and is a beast at 64 lol), although it should be fairly reliable to expect as we already were offered this at the last weeks event anyway.

As a side note, I’m kinda tempted to look into getting a Street Fighter night running down there, too, so even if Smash isn’t your main game, please come down and ask for Luke, hang out, we can exchange some fighting game memories etc and I’ll connect you with the bar owner if I can (who wouldn’t want some extra free business!). It should be a great night for sure.

Peace, and if I don’t catch any of you out there, maybe I’ll at least bump into some of you at the next Street Fighter meet I show up at.


Hi Guys, if there’s people in Shanghai currently playing SF5 and willing to meet other fellow SRK players each wednesday night, send me a PM.
I currently host a small group (4 to 6 players with different level) after 9PM near Jingan with 2 PS4 setups and a couple of sticks, and we’d enjoy seeing new players.


Hey guys! Im moving to Kunshan soon from cali and i need to keep up on SFV if thats possible at all. Id love to join up and meet fellow gamers! PM me or reply! Ill be there the 25th of this month!


I used to live in Kunshan… good luck finding any FG players… even the last few arcades with 97 closed down last time I visited…