Shanghai Train Passengers Flee in Horror When Man Onboard Faints


It reminds me of this story - Black woman enters supermarket, Koreans flee in horror

Superstitions make people act very irrationally.


Asians are the least helpful people in the entire world.



They knew that whatever fart took him out had to be powerful enough to take them all out. Save yourselves.


If the dude had baskets of peach or something, they would of have all taken the peach (then his wallet and clothes) and left him there.


Ebola has everyone (except africans) on high alert.


so that’s how to get a subway car all to yourself, in China


There should have been one lonely African still sitting there all alone and chewin’ on some bush meat after everyone cleared out of there.

Title caption: “EBOLA!” Coming to theatres this Dec.



Sad but true. Unleashing ass-thunder won’t do it, nor will picking your nose and wiping the boogers on whatever’s nearby won’t work…cuz everone else does it too and nobody even glances at them.


Damn man they just left him there to die.


Or straight up pissing and shitting on train floors… but only in Southern China :nono:


yeah like religion!