Shank, from the co-creator of God of War (PSN and XBL)


Shank is a 2D action adventure game coming out on the 24th of this month. Here are some gameplay vids to see what the game looks like-
[media=youtube]Ez1b11htakc]YouTube - Shank E3 2010 Revenge Trailer [HD[/media]

Here are some of the alt. outfits the game will have-
The Shank Blog


Wow this is the first i have heard of this game and it looks fuckin amazing. Kinda like dishwasher for 360 but with way more options. I have been looking for a decent dlc game to play and this will be it. Hopefully there is some things to do to break up the action, maybe some platforming which it looks like it has. Also i hope the controls hold up. Smooth controls and some platforming to go along with that action would be godlike. I am def gonna give it a shot.


game looks pretty dope


Yeah looks like dishwater though I like the visuals in that game more.


Game does look awesome. Being poor sucks tho


Game share on the ps3 is your friend ($15 game becomes $3)

Game looks dope, already funds in my account to buy it.


I would have paid 50 for this game if they had a Brock Samson character model.


this game looks sweet, but really only local multiplayer? that’s a drag


not impressed. looks like a game from


not impressed…fine. Game from Gonna have to disagree with.

Shank - Launch Trailer
Shank Video Game, Launch Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

It seems Gief has a cousin south of the border…


Xbox Live has got my my money for the next three weeks. Impressive work Microsoft.

I like the cleaner look of Shank over Dishwasher’s muddy hand drawn on notebook paper look. Plus Dishwasher got old to me super fast and I wish I could sell it honestly.

Shank actually reminds me of [media=youtube]qAk45ftaMU0"[/media]. In fact, if you own a gba or ds (or don’t mind emulators) you should really give Spyra TEN a chance. The combat is just as fun and as fluid as it looks in that video.

I’m pretty excited for Shank. Have always been since the first video of it from like a year ago (that’s how it feels). Kind of suck that it has to compete with Scotty too but I’ve got a 4000 point card coming (and 1200 more from microsoft next month). I’ll be buying boooooth.


This looks… different. Might buy it. 75% convinced now.

Who knows all of the costume references? I know 2 is Bruce Lee, 4 is Kratos, 7 is Jason. What are the others?


Seriously WTH is up with this retarded trend of no online its 2010? Lol I dont know who to blame so im gona blame it on Geometry Wars 2 and and Bionic Commando both had insane sales GW2 being a top 5 best selling XBLA game period and both only have local multi.


The Shank Blog
Check out the launch trailer, that boss fight clip has a nice finish ;3
Also Soundtrack is available for download.


Gamers need to start pushing harder for online co-op. You almost can’t release any of the retail games without online co-op (I mean if it makes sense. If it’s a single player game, it’s a single player game.) but yeah Arcade developers are trying to bow out of it. I mean it’s sad that BC:R2 doesn’t have it when people complained about it the first time and it’s not like we mind waiting another 6 months to get it.

Or at least, go the Lara Croft route and give it to us at a later date.


“Shank is a lot of fun because it lets you murder a lot of different people in a lot of different ways, and I think you should buy it.”

Joystiq’s Review

And Destructiod’s review

And even Ars Technica’s review


The gameplay looks fun, but I just can’t get into the art style. I’ve always hated that flash vector looking stuff. I’d prefer if it were pixeled like the scott pilgrim game.


Adding network features to smaller scale titles greatly increases development and QA time.


I’m hooked on this shit. Cassandra is beasting all over my swordplay right now. Very sick game.


Super Sick. Grab enemy and stuff nades down the enemies throat? HOLY SHIT thats awesome.

Love the pounce attack. Only finished the first level, dont want to beat it in one night!