Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Anybody find out about this game tonight? If not, everybody should be captivated by her cute dance~

I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping it would be Contra 5 or at least a clone as that seems to be the popular trend for kickstarter now :rofl: As great as WayForward’s games are Contra 4 is obviously their crown jewel, hell it’s arguably the best entry in the series and with Konami canceling the 3DS Contra it would have been nice to see them continue it.

But this is still cool too, the Shantae games are solid, old school simple and fun platformers and WayForward are one of if not the best 2D developers around so I hope all the stretch goals are met :tup:

Contra 4 is not their crown jewel. Having to track what was happening on two screens at once was a huge chore especially during the boss encounters.

I’ll threw a couple of dollars on this already. Can’t go wrong with WayForward

Oh shit, I vaguely remember this game lol. Too bad someone will come in here talking shit about the fact that she belly dances or shows her midriff…

Good for them actually having the rights to their own creation, and boo to Crapcom again for just being themselves. Looks like this is starting to be a trend with them.

I wish they remake the og shante from game color, so I dont have to spend 150.00 on it

Anyways so it’s a female main character and she transforms…and it’s still at under 100k. Time to put your money where your mouth is assholes(femitards).

What you call a huge chore was an intentional design decision to increase the difficulty as Septimus Prime ranted about several times when it was released the human eye can’t look at 2 things at the same time. So the 2 screens mixed with Contra’s unforgiving game play forced players to constantly switch their view and stay on their toes, being lazy gets you killed fast! It was a simple and brilliant idea really and true to the spirit of Contra.

shantaes attack animation reminds me of something


Capcom hasn’t had anything to do with Shantae since the first game. WayForward self-published the second game and the third that’s coming soon.

It wasn’t fun. I’m all for difficulty but they pissed the bed with that design decision. Having to line-up shots between the two screens was ass, having to jump platforms between screens was ass.

Im so hyped for this it looks like its going to be great. I will try and to put aside some tourny winnings and my own cash for this month and if I can donate about $200 for the kickstarter.

God damnit!

I can never play Guilty Gear again without laughing thanks to this song.

On topic. I’ve never gotten to play the old Shantae game but heard lots of good things so I hope this kickstarter works out.

I’ve yet to play a Shantae game and I must remedy that because she looks like she has a most lickable bellybutton they look good.

I remember this game getting pretty good rating on the GBC, I always wanted to play it, but at the time I was too obsessed with the god tier game known as** MGS: Ghost Babel**.

Holy shit that’s still one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Game was top notch.

Hopes this makes the goal, the games are pretty fun and fans of the indie platformers that already are available via download should like the series. Not to mention WayForward in a original HD game… that should look gorgeous.

The OG is on the 3DS virtual console for a more reasonable price now.

Ive looped the trailer like 100x times now cuz Christina Vee’s singing voice is too hypnotical.

Edit : I’ve seen some comments on this on the kickstarter page and on youtube comments and…yeah, id like it if they made shantae tan again. She looks weird being so pale.

… I haven’t played a Shantae game yet. :frowning:

EDIT - Fuck me my memory’s going. Didn’t realize I already posted.

What happened to her skin color?

America don’t care about brown ppl

I think they said they are going change the skin color.

Soooo @Matriarch… a female protagonist. Some place where your money could go to use.