Shao Kahn Question


I remember back in the day in the arcade, I could have SWORN one of Shao Kahns “taunts” consist of him saying “Fuck you.” Now im not sure how well my memory serves me, but im trying to find out if he actually said that or not. I cant recall the cab it was on, but I think it was UMK3. Did he ever say this or is my childhood crushed?


“It’s official, you SUCK!” -S.K. Your memory is just a little more hardcore than reality.


lol Scheiss…


Shao only said this in the noob saibot fight if you lost. At the top of the ladder he said, “You will never defeat me!!!”


He said it when you battled Kahn himself, when you lost of course.


“It’s official, you suck!”
“You’ll never defeat me!”
“All too easy”
“Is that your best?”
“Bow to your god!”

I’m sure there are more but that is all I got off of the top of my head.


Bow to your god?
And I thought he said “you will never win”

some others are “you’re still trying to win?” “that was pathetic” and the classic mk2 ones


“You Weak Pathetic Fool!”


Honorable mentions:
“OPF!” being hit
"HAH!" attacking

Toasty > Shao Kahn on the tier list though, just too much priority for him to compete