Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn...Beat em' up game Indiegogo funding project has launched!


Uhhhh yeah. So I guess Shaq wants redemption and is giving games another shot. I know there another Shaq Fu thead in the FG discussion, but this isn’t a FG so I thought I’d share it here.

Link to project:

Here’s the teaser trailer:


Wonder if this will reach it’s funding goal.

Shaq was serious, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

This can easily become GOAT


So do we move here from the existing Shaq Fu 2 thread on FGD?


I’d say so since this isnt a fighter.


Yea I think we would move, since this is a whole diff genre. But I really wanna see how this will turn out if it gets funded.
I love me some beat em ups, and I hope it reaches all of it’s console goals. I may fund this shit lol


Once I get paid I’ll def give them some cash.


For a mere $25k I can watch Shaq eat in front of me?









:Kreygasm: :SwiftRage: :PogChamp:


So basically a Double Dragon/Devil May Cry/Power Stone-esque brawler? I’m in

Not to big on Shaq’s music being in the game tho, definitely need custom soundtracks, no offense. lol


Shaq is about to get 375 of my college fund yo.

I’m trying to get my voice and my moves on the game.


Final boss should be Charles Barkley. Shaq finally gets his revenge on the man who put an asswhoopin on him back in the day


Barkley should be P2 for co-op!

Jordan in a poorly fitted suit and Mumm-Ra would be the final boss pair.
Black Mamba would be a hidden boss.


If they put Jordan in the game as a boss we wouldn’t be able to complete the game. Actually, we can finish the game, but we will never achieve 100% completion… ever. He will also sport a #23/24/35/45/99 Jersey and be known as Player because Shaq doesn’t have enough money to get MJ’s name in the game.

now Black Mumba as the hidden boss…


I was hoping they could just jack the Jordan sprite from Barkley Gaiden and call it a day.

Man, this game is going to be amazing. I can already picture it. The pre-fight dialogue to Black Mamba will be short and cryptic like “A mere man, once asked the Mamba ‘how my ass taste’…” and then BAM, get right in there.


No Kaori, no care.


Was kinda hurt about that too. I really want Diesel to be somebody. someone has to use that moveset.


I have to admit, this looks like it has the potential to be a good beat em up.

I would’ve loved to have seen them attempt full redemption in making it a fighter, but I don’t think they would’ve succeeded. The market is too saturated for it.

This just may get funded. The one thing I don’t like is stretch goals don’t include multi-platform computer support. Porting to Mac and Linux as a stretch goal seems to be standard procedure for stretch goals anymore, so it sucks that they’re ignoring that.


My hope of ArcSys revamping Shaq Fu is crushed

But the possiblity of Shut Up & Jam Gaiden being fully realized to it’s max potential?

So soothing


Nöooooooo they didn’t make a fighting game


I hope this shit gets funded to come to consoles. I honestly think it can be great, I mean you gotta be lazy as fuck to ruin a beat em up. But idk if this is gonna be 2d or 3d, since they said Streets of Rage and DMC, unless its 2d with combo-ing and etc like Guacamelee, then that’s fine with me!