Share Some Memorable Quotes @ Evo

Post the most interesting quotes you heard @ evo.

Viscant: Doing anything like Ricky leads to acting like Ricky.

Phat Toi: watches Iron Man on the big screen THAT SHIT AIN’T RIL!:mad:

Random Guy during Chikyuu vs. Team Chicago: SHOOT THAT MOTHER FUCKER!

“Ill go edward scissorhands on your ass” followed by the guy falling off the bed smacking his head against the wall

CRoyd: did you qualify?
some d00d: no
CRoyd: …I did

Me: "So how did you do against Kindebu?"
Pigadoken: “I skeeted in my pants after I lost, it was so beautiful…”


“good job erkal”

“this isnt tekken”


When they were testing the buttons and some guy had 3 Cables:
“Watch out! He’s got a gun!”

Also, Raoh: “Fuck you Daigo!”

“You’re gonna get fucked up!”

  • Dude in the crowd as Daigo and Justin Wong prepared for their 3S match.


  • The crowd watching the 3S finals after Daigo parried the last hit of Chun Li’s SA2

“You got fucked up!”

  • Another dude in the crowd after Daigo’s Chun Li SA2 parry into finishing combo.

While Storm was running away during the Marvel team tournament.

“Hey, let’s play some Tekken!”

Random guy in the Marvel Team tourney singing

"Take me for a RiiiiiiiiiiDE!

my favorites:

-after the table broke on ricky durin the mvc2 finals “ricky, stop fuckin your boyfriend on the table!”:lol: :lol: :lol:

-after that, another person said “stop humpin the table, ricky!”

-when the cannons were givin out free stuff, someone said “shut up!” one of the cannons said “ok, you arent getting any”

-in the team tourney someone shouted out “captain america!”

-kindebu yellin out “cheap, cheap, cheap!” whenever he or his opponent wins a match durin casual

-takayuki yellin out “fuck!” when he was rapin his opponent with magneto, then got hit by some random stuff and died.

-“boo!,pick roll!” in the match between and mss-a player and in team tourney

-“joe zaza, have my baby!” durin the team tourney

“First place in SBO2, and first in line in the buffet, give it up for Kindebu!!” - Announcer announcing Kindebu during CvS2 finals.

“We want to see your IronMan!!!” - Kennywizzle after Randy Lew tried using Sent/Cable/IronMan on Chris Schmidt’s MSP and lost.

“EI! EI! EI! EI! EI! EI! EI! EIIIIIIIIIII!” - Random people during KO Genei Jin, Kindebu Bison CC, Ricky/Kindebu Sakura CC, and Ricky/Kindebu Blanka CC.

“HOLD DAT SHIT NIGGA! HOLD DAT SHIT! HOLD DAT SHIT MIKE!! GUARDBREAK THAT SHIT!! COME ON MIKE! HOLD DAT SHIT! Awww…” - Random guy during Mike Ross’s possible IronMan comeback during qualifiers in which he loses.

Haha I remember that.

Dude that was cable guy and he elbow dropped right on APOC that shit was funny. Apoc didn’t remember the next day.

“EI EI EI EI EI!” - Yun combos rule.

“Is this training mode!?”, “Bitch, you can’t run!” - Justin getting rushed the fuck down by Daigo during one of the 3s matches.

“Watch out, he has a gun!” - That was gold.

“Who’s that cute girl!?” - When Ricky was walking out for his intro during CvS2 finals.

Oh, hella random ass quote when me and robeast went driving around to go look for a place to buy camcorder tapes:

robeast: “You know where we can find a department store like Target around here?”

Gas Station guy: “IN DIAMOND BAR!?”

That shit had me rolling. :lol: :lol: :lol:

“I sat through tekken for this!?”

when team tourney was cancelled that one night cause of poker.

While recording the Sugiyama vs. Yi Wang 3S match. Shinblanka was recording next to me and says…

“The People’s Elbow is too dope” (referring to Necro’s DB+fierce)
“He gets you in the corner and does the People’s Elbow combo”

“He’s gonna take you for a RIDE!”

  • some dude during the MvC2 character select screen in the finals

R-F to me after kicking my ass repeatedly in GGXX #Reload in the console room:

“No Ky. Robo-Ky!”

…then proceeds to beat me down with Robo-Ky.

“WOOO, YAYYY!” - The crowd after the “You got 200 points” screen played in the Marvel Finals

"YOUR NOT SOO!"that shit was too mean.
X and co. “its a wrap!” *with the wrap box in hand lmao.

Oh yeah, also:
“Whoa! Secret characters!” During the MvC2 finals during the intro when Ryu was fighting Guile