Share your biggest excitements/dream matches for Edition Select + Endless Mode Only Online


Honestly I’m more excited for fighting against them than using them. I use Chun-Li so she was never really THAT good to begin with anyway.

I’m excited to see AE Yun tiering up against O.Sagat, Vanilla Ryu, Vanilla Seth, Vanilla Rufus (damage!!) and a few more. Remember when people shat bricks over Ryu’s Trade DP Ultra 1 combo? I’m excited to see people be afraid to jump in on Vanilla Ryu again :slight_smile:



probably gonna main Yun and come to SRK arguing how he wasnt really broken and he needs buffs Kappa

but honestly cant wait to face the Vanilla characters using Oni or E.ryu … they gonna taste the damages and regret not having delayed wake up


My top 5 and I’ll be honest, I’m most interested in “revenge” matches. Basically matches where one guy blew up the other in a certain version, but now they have the fight the stronger and more powerful version of them from a earlier or later version while still in their own strongest form.

  1. AE Yun vs Vanilla Akuma
  2. Super/2012 Cammy vs Vanilla Sagat
  3. Super/AE Fei vs Vanilla Sagat
  4. Vanilla Ryu vs Super Dhalsim
  5. Ultra Evil Ryu vs Vanilla Rufus(Sako combo vs EX snake strike lol, but I’m mainly throwing in this one just because ERyu is my main).