Share your gaming setup

I was lurking on the Capcom Unity boards today and found a thread where people shared pictures of their gaming setups. It looked like a lot of fun, and since SFIV is right around the corner, I would like to see some of the setups that you all will be training on. I’ll go ahead and share mine first:

I live in a duplex right next to a really large university, so nearly every night I receive a lot of guests who come over to relax and play some Brawl, STHD, SC4, etc. Most of them are casual players, so they get treated to the setup above: a 32" Olevia LCD. It’s got quite a bit of lag (approx. 35ms), but they don’t ever notice; all of these guys are pad playin’ button mashers who just want to have a little bit of fun after class without getting competitive, and that’s totally cool.

However, sometimes I will have guests who are much better and are far more competitive than the casual crew These guys are invited upstairs to play on this setup:

It may not look it, but this seemingly simple setup provides a nice trade-off between nice, crisp visuals and low input-lag. Let me show you the components in detail:

The star in this picture is the NEC LT380 projector: it is a hybrid presentation and media projector, so while its native resolution is only 768p, it does have one excellent benefit for gamers that many home theater projectors lack: the ability to disable any and all post-processing. Couple this with the 360’s (recently added) capability to display an image in XGA, and you have a SF4 experience free of scaling and post-processing lag. However, this benefit would have only extended to my 360, if not for the following components:

Playing 480i, and to a lesser extent, 480p games on this setup was a laggy affair; it is terribly unfortunate that developers did not take advantage of progressive scan on the PS2. To remedy this, I invested in a DVDO iScan HD video deinterlacing and scaling engine, displayed above. My PS2 and Wii is hooked up to a component switch, which is connected to the iScan. It speedily deinterlaces and scales the image to XGA, then outputs the scaled video via DVI to the projector.

Compared to the olevia setup, I get about 10-12ms of input delay on this setup; MUCH better than the 35ms downstairs.

At this point you are probably thinking, “That’s all great and everything, but what do the players actually SEE?” Well, you’ve got to save the best part for last:

Even though I said my room is small, it was large enough to assemble a 133" projector screen on one side of the room (in reality though, the screen is only extended about 120", not enough ceiling clearance). I also ended up having the longest room in the house, which makes throwing such a large image even possible.

Here is my setup in action:

I hope you all found that interesting, but now it is your turn. What does your SF4 setup look like?

It looks good ty.

There’s actually already a thread on the other page like this already and it started in 2005.

In case you wanted to see other peoples setups.

BTW You guys should sticky that thread, it’s pretty cool.

I second the entertainment setup thread being stickied.

Yeah i agree especially once SFIV comes out, im pretty sure there will be some great setups…I really need to update my setup pics…Its been over a year…

Eh, mine will be about the same. OG-ish.

There is a thread already for this. Go post there.