Share your phobia (however weird)


i did a search for this topic and nothing came up so figured id make one. This is for discussing any phobias you/ friend/ unfortunate random may have. i know there are some pretty whacked out ones out there too such as…

coulrophobia (fear of clowns)
logophobia (fear of words)
phobophobia (fear of fear itself)

what prompted this thread was something that happened to me today. i started a new job painting houses, my first (house painting, not job), everything was going well until i had to get up on the ladder and fill in gaps near the roof, i do not have a fear of heights as such,i go on rollercoasters, suspension bridges over valleys, tall buildings etc. but going up this ladder i was a nervous wreck by the time i got down, legs shaking (you could hear the ladder rattling as i came down) slight lightheadedness. all this from climbing one storey up a ladder (which was on a 1st floor balcony)

that in itself was doable until i thought to look over the side of the balcony and saw what i will need to paint in future that was fucking 2 storeys high standing on the top rungs of the ladder with solid concrete underneath me.

my legs could barely hold me up when i was one storey up let alone two. i admit i am totally shit scared at the prospect of having to go up on the ladder again as i just KNOW that once my legs start wobbling i would just completely freak out or do something stupid or panic or whatever and then im basically dead once i hit the floor. this obviously completely fucking sucks because the money is good and i really need it right now but its not worth me dying over. the main issue i have isnt the height as i would be fine in a harness/cherry picker/cage whatever, but being so high on a ladder that wobbles and being pressed up against the wall looking upwards is too much.

i did not know i had this fear until today.

anybody else have phobias of stuff and know how they got them?


They are the devil’s children.


I have a severe phobia of bees, centipedes and spiders.


thanatophobia -

Really deep for me. It’s mostly a religious thing in my cause. I doubt so many things about it that dying is something I can’t fathom. I feel like I have a black hole in my chest just thinking about it at times.

Also I fear the unknown tremendously . No one knows what happens after you die and can’t accept that fact that one day I might just disappear forever with no conscious mind.

It’s actually much worse than I’m describing it, it’s crippling at times. But I’ll save that talk for my counselor lol.


fear of the dark, fear of demons, fear of getting possesed, fear of going insane.

im being for real there, no trolling. i am a kid at heart. not all of them are lvl 10 fears though… my fear of going loony is probably at most a 2 and my fear of dark comes and goes. i am no longer religious so my fear of demons has mostly subsided though i still cant watch demon horror/ghost horror movies (zombies and decapitations blood,guts, gore etc doesnt bother me one bit though… unless its my blood… thats a different story)

exorcist fucked up my world at the age of 5… havent been able to shake it. plus other demon horror i was subjected to at a young age. i dont like playing demon games for that exact reason and stay away from using demon characters in fighting games for that same reason.



Spiders are demons


and thats why i believe in re-incarnation (of sorts), not like you come back as a lesser life form like a bee or cow or some shit if you dont have a good life, but just as another human being. i dont believe in heaven or hell, but dont believe there is nothing but a black empty void after you die either. obviously you have no memory of your past life but this way the soul still carries on in a way.


spiders die when i step on them… never feared the little bastards, nor clowns nor heights or enclosed spaces… just demons… fucking demons, gah…



I don’t have any phobias, but I saw enough of this kid in the streets one day to, even with no real qualifications, be able to diagnose him with ornithophobia. This kid was absolutely terrified of birds. I’ve never seen anyone freak out over something like that. He was yelling, crying, running and just generally shitting himself over the sight of pigeons. He was looking at them sideways when they were on the ground, but MAN when they spread them wings OH FUCK!

Batman only wishes for his costume to have that kind of effect on people.


This is weird, but I have a phobia of toilets flooding. I just can’t watch that water rise, I find it too intense! And heights, the same as the OP but worse.


That’s an interesting way of viewing things. But I’m sure when I’m on my death bad, by that time I’ll be content with the life I lived.


I fear bugs. Any sort of bugs. I hate going outside because I know they’re out there. with it being summer, the june-bugs and locusts have come out and I flip out when I see them. The worst is anything that stings/buzzes: wasps, hornets, bees, yellow jackets - all those little shits. I get paralyzed, start crying, whimpering - I can’t move until someone moves me or I know for sure it’s gone.

With the others on spiders. Even the tiniest ones. I can’t whack it with a shoe or step on it because I’m afraid it’ll jump at me or I wont’ get it so it’ll crawl up my leg or something. I read that people with a fear of spiders tend to see them as being bigger than what they really are, which makes sense that when I see a spider, it’s big too me, but whoever I get to come kill it is like, “Oh! that little thing! You big baby!”

Don’t know if it’s a phobia, but I’m afraid of fire in that I can’t leave a candle unattended with fear of it getting something caught on fire or a fire in the fire place. I never lit the bunsen burners in chemistry because I was afraid of it blowing up in my face.

I’m sure I have plenty more. I’m a pansy lol


[spoiler=AHHHH! Real monsters!]



coulrophobia (fear of clowns) I’m also spooked of heights.


Fortunately for me… there’s an extremely low chance of my fear becoming a reality— alien abduction…and this is despite being fascinated with the subject of aliens, UFOs and all that good stuff regarding that, usually seen on Science and History 2 Channels these days. It’s mostly the combination of how the “greys” aliens look + the classic fear of the unknown… you just don’t know what they’re thinking, what their plans are, what they’re going to do once you are captured, if you’ll ever be returned, and whether or not that will result in your death as “collateral damage”…with the people you know back on Earth knowing nothing about the situation other than how you “mysteriously” disappeared one day.

…sheeeit… waking up to realize you’re in a real life version of that abduction scene from Fire in the Sky. I’d probably end up having a heart attack in the next minute or so of being in that situation.


Cartoon spider’s don’t scare me just real ones.


Snakes. Motherfucking snakes. Why did it have to be snakes…


Snakes and Bats
Funny that im posting right under Valaris

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arachnophobia (I hope this is a word)

also fuck bees


I don’t mind bugs, cept cicadas