Share your stupid childhood video game misconceptions

EGM’s April Fools joke that Sonic and Tails could be unlocked in Melee. I actually felt for it…

I thought Vega’s name was pronounced “Vegy.” I have NO idea how I ever came to that conclusion. I was that kid that would argue with my friends and tell them that they’re pronouncing it wrong. “IT’S VEGY!”

That’s really all I can think of right now. For the most part I just played the game. Never got into those rumors of secret characters and stuff.

I DID believe that Doom was UNBEATABLE on nightmare, though. I never would have believed anyone that it was possible. I’d have to see it to believe it.

But Youtube pretty much proved just how wrong I was on that.

They moreso said that because everyone was on the hype train that the DS would get curb stomped by the PSP at the time. So much NINTENDOEZ IS DOOMED discussions around that time. Little did they know…

Do more special moves. Normals are boring.

I used to play KOF like that back in the 90s. I thought KOF was so much better than SF, because you could do nothing but special moves and win, unlike boring ol’ SFA! Also, i had no concept of hops, i super jumped everything.

When i was younger, I thought that the NES would explode if you played it with the lid up.

Super Mario Bros: Fall in the pit. There’s a secret!

Nintendo Power: The Virtua Boy will be the next big thing. So will the N64., and the GameCube,… and the Wii…

I was under the impression that Japanese games were much more robust than their American counterparts, as with WCW/nWO: World Tour. Luigi was in SM64, stuff like that.

Sometimes, secrets in games just take a long, long time to be discovered, as with the rainbow “?” in MKT. But they are certainly real.

If you know what buttons to push, and the order in which to push them, you can always score a free game in the arcades.

Shang Tusung. Rye-oo.

Sometimes, kids just make shit up. I always thought, no one would just make that up…it’s possible. Like the kid that told me you could play as a raptor in Turok.

yeah, used to say “Rye-ooh” as well. Also, “sa-kore-uh”.

Me and my friend used to think Piston Honda was cussing in Japanese just because he said ‘Nippon.’ :rofl:

Thought Dhalsim was pronounced Dhal-ism.
Thought Sonic would always stay awesome (yes SA1 and SA2 were good games)
Dreamcast, Phantasy Star, Shenmue, Golden Axe


Fuck Piston Honda real talk…

He was hard enough on the minor circuit, but you get to the championship circuit and that nigga is gdlk as fuck…

It took me years to realize Ryu was asian in SF2.

I pronounced “Guile” as GILL EE

My friend and I always used to believe that if we failed enough times the game would go easy on us eventually, little did we know it would be an actual feature in future games.

Ah, just remembered. For years, probably even up to SF4, called Dhalsim, DAZ-LIM. Le sigh.

Use to say Guile like Gully
The Wii


  • I believed the EGM prank about Akuma being a playable character in RE2. I tried for weeks to unlock the bastard only to find out it was fake.

  • Luigi could be unlocked in Super Mario 64

  • Thinking that SCEA not allowing 2D games to be standalone releases last generation to be only a rumor.

A game with the best graphics is the best game.

Pressing a directional button as hard as possible and tilting the controller towards that direction would steer whatever object in the game (ball, car, etc) more.

N64 was the cooler system and I had the inferior PSX.

Kicking the PC helps deal with my 4092 ping in Counter Strike.

LOL at this.
We never knew how to do the special moves when we were kids in SF2. We always got excited when one of us did it on accident, though.
We thought that if only we could figure out how to do the special moves, we would never lose to the comp again. EVER!