Sharing buttons between systems

Okay - be kind. I did try to search. It sends me to a blank white page. If I try again, it kicks me back and tells me to wait 30 seconds, then when it lets me send, it sends me to blank white page. :frowning:

So here’s the thing, I’m certain this has been covered before. I have an arcade machine. Inside I have a CPS2, a 6-slot Neo Geo, a CPS1 Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighter, and a PC running Mame (using an ArcadeVGA card and ipac).

So - I could use multi-jamma, but that will only get the coin, joystick, start, and three player buttons - obviously useless for NeoGeo (which re-uses a pin on the Jamma Harness for button 4) and Street Fighter.

If my recollection serves me, I could get away with wiring the extra buttons up properly if I judiciously used resistors, but I really don’t remember. Getting a multi-switch to do what I want would probably be a pain. I might be able to make use of my recent understanding of the Arduino to find some relatively smart gate IC’s to handle this for me, and just use a toggling switch of some sort to handle it.

Help a guy out? (BTW - I’m on an Intel Mac running Firefox, if search works for you…)


You don’t really ask a question in this post, you just state a bunch of problems you have in your setup. That makes it hard for people to help. Not trying to be mean, just saying that might be the cause of the silence.

It sounds to me like you’re trying to ask: “can anyone help me figure out how to wire my extra buttons that jamma doesn’t cover?”

If thats the case, then my suggestion would be a multijamma plus a barrier strip. Whatever kick-harness type stuff each system uses, wire that to the barrier strip, then run the other side to the buttons.

There may be more sophisticated ways of doing it, but I think that would be the easiest method.

Happy to help, but I got no clue what you’re trying to do. s’plain a little about how you want it to all work, and throw my .02 in.

i suggest dropping the i-pac and getting a j-pac. then whenever you want to switch you just have to switch the jamma harness and the kick harness to whatever board you want. you will have to do a little bit of wire work with the kick harness though. if i remember correctly the cps1 and cps2 had a different kickharness and for the neo geo 6 slot button 5(the game switch button) is actually a part of the jamma harness.
i’m assuming you currently have the first 4 action buttons wired to the jamma harness and buttons 5 and 6 wired to the kick harness. what you need to do is wire a button to pin 26 on the harness so that you now have a select game button for your neo geo. this won’t affect yor other boards because on cps1, cps2, and j-pac(which i know you don’t have but i definitely suggest) pin 26 isn’t connected to anything. then you need to make sure that your kick harness is compatible with all of your boards and you should be good to go. the jpac will take the output from your arcadevga and run it through the jamma harness making that step easy as well.

I have the same problem as Numbski regarding searches through SRK (blank page returned) and it’s a pain. I use FireFox3 on x86, and please don’t tell me to use IE !

I’m not sure, but could he wire a switch between the grounds on all the kick harnesses to switch between his different boards?

Sorry, I guess I left out the actual question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, so 4 systems: CPS1, CPS2, Neo Geo, and PC. I would like to wire each switch up once, and then split to the 4 inputs - 3 Jamma Harnesses, 2 Kick Harnesses, and an ipac/arcadevga.

I can’t just wire each switch directly to all 4 - I’m wondering if there’s even a semi-simple way to do this. I don’t intend for more than any one system to be powered on at any given time, but need to take precautions in case it would happen. Is it possible, or am I dreaming? Multi-Jamma won’t accomodate kick harnesses…