Sharon Stone=Open Mouth and Insert Foot!

How could this be on anyone’s mind after mad people just died?

People need to stop giving a shit about what actors/actresses say when it’s not in a movie.

They should stop giving a shit about the they’re doing period if it doesn’t have to do with a movie and or they aren’t like angelina jolie where they’re actually doing something else useful. Could just be me though since I generally don’t care what most celebrities are doing…they’re normal people.

Ditto. I just hate the idea of tabloids. These people are not politicians and diplomats, why should anyone want to hear their opinion on political debates?

They’re Actors. They’re still playing a movie, trying to be politicians for the people.
Crap shit.

I forgot what happened in the video after I saw the hot Columbian reporter

Pot calling the kettle black. You only care about the people who were mad? What about all the happy people? Or the sane ones? Who cares about them?

I do, that’s who.

Also, it seems she’s basically trying to explain what went through her head, then getting the letter and being reminded of-you know what? I don’t feel like typing anymore.
Anyway, lighten up. Unless you’re some crazed Sharon Stone fan and you feel insulted that she’s not perfect this shouldn’t affect you in any way.

Im sorry what??? she said somthing that every1 else thinks??

Another failure from the dumb bitch who looks like an ape. it’s too bad your pc isn’t feces because then you could throw it.