Shatta's Challenge... Part Uno?

I’m stumped on an idea that I have for this avatar:

that is the final border that’ll be used and I already have sprite packs for both Dud’s and Gigaton Punch

I’m wanting someone to write a “script” for this epic battle. It will be animated by me. I just ask that you…
[list][] keep in mind of the 48kb size limit
] easy on teh fuckachunkz
[] no “MARVEL BAYBEE” elements
] be funny and original
[] supply your own props for your idea extra sprites or BG’s, ect.
] NO SPAM! this is not a joke. serious business![/list]

what’s in it for you?! :confused:

let’s just say it wont be my nice -n-hard black cock in your arse, and you can wear the av. :lovin:

There will be no voting. I’ll pick which script that I like the best and if it can actually fit in the finished av.

please, post your ideas here or if you’d like, pm it to me i gotta clean out my notes first, lol if you feel that’s a better idea.

deadline is Saturday 12pm central standard time… GOGOGOGOGOGO!!! :woot:


:wonder: This sooooo has Stinkmeaner/Tom written all over it… dood!

but ya gotta be “original”, dood.


aw come on now, SRK…

Does it need a groove? Looks fine the way it is…


I dont think you could fit one in anyway, but I’m really focusing on a “script” or story board for the idea. That’s the main point of this thread. I want help on improving the avatar. not have it just as a still.


lol…I meant a groove as in story, or specific interpretation.

Makes me think of the Street Fighter 2 style dominating the Street Fighter 3 style in terms of which style is influencing Street Fighter 4…if that makes sense. :lol: