Check out the video. This game, like Magic Ball, is a new take on the Break Out/Arkanoid genre, and it’s out today!

I’m buying mine now.


Let us know how it goes, I’m keen to pick it up.


It’s awesome. Plays almost nothing like its predecessors, since you have the Blow and Suck mechanics.

+Looks sweet
+Good soundtrack
+Arkanoid-style gameplay
+Hard, but not impossibly hard, unlike Trash Panic
+The hard levels will kill you, but you won’t feel like they’re bullshit, unlike Magic Ball

-Single player only
-No custom music
-Kind of short
-The fucking circle levels (you’ll see)

All in all, it’s well worth its $8 asking price, and it has additional game modes like Boss Rush to keep you playing. It’s also very weird being able to use Multi-ball and other powers whenever you feel like it (at a price/risk, of course) instead of waiting for them to drop as items.

I’m currently ranked 225 in the world. WORD.


just picked it up last night and it was worth the $8… really fun and definitely feels like a mix of brick-out and araknoid


:tup: Thanks for the heads up Sep. Game is totally worth the $8… dood!


Im addicted. I got all the bronze trophies but those silver ones are bull shit.


Just bought it as well, not that bad but not that good either…Battlefield 1943 im comin back to yooouuuuuuu!


I got to play this game at E3(They had their setup by the art gallery) and spoke with Mario Wynands while I was trying it out. Loved it for its nostalgia and mix of interesting gameplay with the attracting and repelling. I’m gonna get it as soon as I score a PS3. :tup:


Just got it last night. Def worth $8!


Picked it up a few days ago. Simple, but fun!