Shattered - New Fighting Game in Development


Awesome! When you’ve got all the new stuff implemented, would you be able to put out a Julia vs Julia first-to-five or first-to-ten video? Or is it too early for that?


Its doable, we have done it before, we might do something like that at Red Fight District 2015 (Dutch major that were probably attending), at least we need to get some players who are better at our game than we are (those already exist)


So we will be attending Red Fight District 2015 for sure with a setup. So ample opportunity for some good match vids.


We didn’t get to do that because we forgot to install recording software on the laptop we lend from a friend. I’m so sorry.

I did however shoot two short vids of our extremely mockup version of Ushah, he is is still missing some moves and even without those he already needs some rebalancing, but it was nice to finally see him in action, we learned loads. And oh, hes right now pretty much The Indomitable Hitbox Man/Jack in the Hitbox. Shaky cam warning.

And a quick atmosphere video.


PLEASE make a final character that is only hitboxes like that. I love it.


It could be a fun party mode. Disable sprites, enable hitboxes, fighting boxmen.


Heh, we heard that so often on that day. “please don’t give this guy sprited animations, he looks awesome as he is” but hes going to look way more awesome when hes done. Not an entirely bad idea for a joke character or something.


Blog update, you already saw the vids.




Grapplers with projectiles/long range moves are awesome. good luck guys.


So nice to get some press.

Not a big outlet at all, but still fun and humbling!




So, it has been a while, development isn’t exactly going fast, we all have very busy lives. That said, development is not at a complete standstill, we have some alpha animations for our second character, Ushah, and just moved on to the third.

Ushah is missing out on one of his supers (we’re waiting for the new engine to be finished before implementing, will be loads easier that way), but is very much playable otherwise.

So here is an Ushah move/combo exhibition:


st.HP (hyperarmor)
st.HP (hyperarmor vs projectile)
cr.LK (low hitting)
cr.HP (launcher)
cr.HK (low hitting, hard knockdown)
j.LP (knockback + air-to-air knockback)
j.LK (jump in + crossup)
j.HP (hard knockdown)
Shatter Attack (hyperarmor, hard knockdown)
Throw (knockdown)
qcf+LP/HP (projectile)
hcb+LK/HK (hard knockdown)
2 bar super - 2xhcb+P (hard knockdown)
shatter super - 2xqcf+K (hard knockdown)
cr.LK, cr.LK, st.LP, st.LK
cr.LP, cr.HP xx qcf+LP
st.LK, cr.HP xxjump, j.HP (st.LP, hcb+LK)
j.LK, cr.HP xxjump, j.HK (st.LP, hcb+LK)
cr.LP, cr.HP xxjump, j.HK (corner only -> ambigious crossunder reset, st.LP, st.LP, st.LK)
(corner only) throw, cr.HP xxjump, j.HP

Bonus: older Julia combo exhibition that we didn’t post before:


crossup j.LK cr.LK xx cr.LP xx dp+LP
cr.HK xx qcf+P
cr.HK xx qcb+HK
cr.LK xx cr.LP xx st.LK
Shatter Attack, Shatter Super


Ushah is looking great!

What’s behind the change to a new engine?


Our mockup engine is actually build in a point and click engine (AGS), while it worked for a while, its far too much of a hassle to implement everything.

Other than that I’m not too much into the specifics. Our programmer is studying computer sciences and pretty adamant on building his own engine.


Cool to see that the project is still alive. Doing this kind of thing on your free time takes lots of time to make, I hope that later when you have things fleshed out a bit more you do a Kickstarter, it looks very interesting.


So, err, I guess Blizzard is a fan of Ushah?


Credit to Gatoray.


We’ve been silent for a while. But that does not mean we haven’t been working! Here’s an update on some of the things we’ve been doing.
First, the animations of Ushah’s standing normals have been finished up. We made a YouTube video for it some time ago, check it out here:

Ushah is gameplay complete now, and we can start playtesting him. Among other things, he now has a fairly experimental super where Ushah fills the screen with steam causing his opponent to walk twice as slow for the duration of the Super. This makes Ushah outpace most opponents, something that is of course very scary with a grappler.
Besides that we’ve been steadily working on figuring out our third character gameplay-wise, Roxanne. Her in-game moveset, currently mostly consisting of programmer art is coming along nicely. Besides that we have settled on her final design which we’re excited to show off today! Bob Sagat made some amazing sketches of Roxanne!

Moreover, he’s been busy working on the neutral sprite for Roxanne, check it out:


Gives off Spanish Conquistador vibes to me, I like it. Just found this thread and it’s amazing that you decided you were going to do this and stuck with it, hope to see how this develops.