Shattered Realms - A Combo Heavy Brawler


Huh, could have sworn AVP didn’t have any hard-coded combo limits…


It has combo limits, Avspadmirer has a detailed list of the hit points necessary to knock every enemy down. You can’t juggle infinitely either, and the ground infinites are probably only possible due to the gun cooldown cancel that I guess resets the hit points. Now compare to a game that doesn’t have any limitations like Sengoku 3, in which you can launch then walk up jab xN, the difference is obvious.


Here is some of the sprite work that Dawid Strauss has been putting together for us. We are drawing a lot of inspiration from Hyper Light Drifter and also the gorgeous Dead Cells. Focusing on detailed backgrounds, and characters being more flat-shaded and stylised.

I’m really stoked with the amount of progress he’s made in such a short amount of time.

Just a note that the animations are a first pass, and still need to be touched up by our cleanup artist, who is starting with us next week.


Looks very nice! I like the style. Only small thing I would change about that run is to have the body move up and down a bit, looks like he only moves his head right now and that takes weight away from the animation. The legs and knee protections on the punch animation change size too.

Otherwise really nice spritework, love the motion blur and deformations, looks really really promising.

A question, what lenght do you aim for? Arcade style, as in less than an hour for a full playthrough, or more console style with several hours and saves? I personally prefer shorter, more focused arcade games but I know I’m most likely the minority haha.


Thanks for pointing out the tweaks in the animations, I’ll be sure to pass those on to the art team.

The length of the game is still something we’re discussing. I personally am also for a short but highly focused gameplay experience, but many players enjoy a longer experience (hours/$ = value). If the game is really fun to play, players might be satisfied with a shorter game that they can play through multiple times. Adding in some secret stages can also make subsequent playthroughs more entertaining by taking different routes.

The next few month is going to give us a good indication of how much content we can produce given our budget, so by the end we’ll have a much clearer idea of how long the game could be.


A good compromise could be to use branching paths (not unlike what Capcom did with the Dungeons and Dragons games).

You can keep playtime arcade-like and focused, but also satisfy people with the mentality that sees arcade games as too short for their money, without stretching levels with unnecessary padding.


This game looks awesome so far! i can see theHyper Light Drifter influence in the color schemes and background. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread!

Looking at the Bullet Elf’s moves/ key frame sheet, are you opting to have different combat styles per character?


Thanks, glad you are liking the new art direction :slight_smile:

Yes, there will be different combat styles for each playable character. Lynx is our close range rushdown character. Her rival (guy with blades on his arms) will be mid to long range, focusing on kicks, and the grappler (guy with ferret on his shoulder) will focus on positioning enemies with throws. These three will form the core characters for the game, but we obviously have a lot of other ideas for characters. I personally would love to have a shoto, combining the best of all shoto’s into one super character.

Are there any archetypes in particular you guys would like to see?


Our artists have been working furiously the last couple of weeks on the new art assets for Shattered Realms.
We’re starting to put them in the game and wanted to just show how awesome everything is looking.

Here is the concept art for the Beast King boss. Seriously, Akuma can kiss his ass :smiley:

There is still plenty to do, but we’re making good progress.


Some rough lines for characters, 360 degree reference views and move ideas for Lynx.


It really is shaping up nicely! :slight_smile:


Hey @sigma_g19, how are you dude?
Thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:


I’m doing great bro! Really loving the animation work. WE IN THERE! :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to the next build. :slight_smile:


The Alpha Demo for Shattered Realms is finally live!

Download the free demo on!
Shattered Realms Alpha Demo


Guardians Heroes full of nitro.


One of our fans, Tetsuo, made this epic playthrough video, showing an almost perfect fun :smiley:


The new graphics look awesome! I plan on DL’ing as soon as I have some freetime!

OH SNAP your getting published by Free Lives?! CONGRATS BROOOO!


@truendymion We were incubated by Free Lives, we are in the process of looking for a publisher :smiley:

When you’ve had a go, let us know what you think. Would love to hear from you.


Just tried the new demo.

First, the positives. Presentation is vastly better, stages look really cool, designs look better and everything looks really really nice. A huge improvement.

Now, I feel that the game’s intensity has decreased quite a bit. Before, enemies were more aggressive and tried to surround you, now they spawn and kinda hang there. Enemy waves still come too far apart with noticeable gaps in between them further slowing things down. More variety in how they behave and upping their aggresiveness would improve things IMO.

The juggles are still a bit too floaty and damage too low for my taste too. I got to the boss on my first try by launching people and doing upper into stuff into dive with little thought. Rarely I got hit out of the pattern.

Now, I don’t want to sound too negative. The potential is definitely there, I love the visuals and the variety of stuff you can do with the combo system, but I think it would be much better with some tuning here and there. Some more gravity to the juggles, a smarter AI, more enemy variety and tighter waves could make this a really good game with this base you have and I look forward to more updates.

Also being able to configure controls would be nice, moving with the right hand is tough haha.

EDIT: Pote actually does put up a fight and requires some strategy, though that also makes the contrast with what came before bigger.


Just came across this.

What’s next for Shattered Realms?