Shatterstar Beats Cancer Celebration Event

Date: Saturday, Oct 31, 2015
Time: 12PM to 12AM EST USA Time
Where: Twitch TV (embedded link in spoiler]


As a lot of us know, @shatterstar aka Shatta had been battling with stage 4 colon and liver cancer for a little over a year. Recently, it was confirmed that the cancer had gone into remission, and we are all very happy. Congratulations once again to Shatta!!!

The purpose of this event is two-fold. First and foremost, this is to celebrate Shatta’s recovery from the terrible disease. He’s fought a long, hard battle and he has won. Now is his time to celebrate and enjoy, and what better way than with his SRK brethren? The second reason is to raise money to help Shatta pay his medical bills. Not all procedures and medicine for cancer is covered by insurance. As such, he has racked up a huge medical debt that he has to pay off. Shatta is also a graphic tee designer (Negro Install, anyone?), and has worked on some nice shirts to support the fight against cancer. Please buy some of his shirts to simultaneously support the fight against cancer, and to help Shatta soften the blow of his mountainous medical bills. I will be bringing peoples’ attention to his shirts during the stream. In addition to t-shirt purchases, another way we can help Shatta is to donate money to his crowdrise page. Any amount helps, and is much appreciated. As with the shirts, I will also be bring peoples’ attention to his crowdrise page. Below is the link to his crowdrise page:

In the spoiler are images of his T-shirt designs:


Some portion of your donations/purchases will also go to Hope4YAWC and Sysfund. Both organizations have helped Shatta in the past with some of his hospital bills and gift cards, so let’s help repay the favor! The goal is $10,000 and we’re sitting at $2,186. Let’s get that number up, ladies and gentlemen!

As for the contents of the stream, originally, we had decided to run play-throughs of Shatta’s favorite Metal Gear Solid games. We’re still doing that, but we’re also adding an online Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament to the line-up. Anyone who donates $15 minimum or purchases a T-shirt is allowed to enter the tournament. Just make your donation/purchase (contact Shatterstar to let him know you want to purchase a shirt) and screencap the confirmation page. Send the image as an attachment with your username to Once the donation has been verified, you’ll be added to the sign-up list. If you’re interested in playing in the tournament, please be timely with your donations. There is a cut off time–after the cut off time I will not accept any more entries. The brackets will be created immediately after the cutoff time. Depending on amount of entrants and time constraints, the tournament will either be 2/3 double elimination, or 2/3 single elimination.

For the Metal Gear Solid games, I will be streaming both Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Rising. I will be streaming in speed run fashion (No timers), on the hardest difficulty available on start-up. I’ll give myself a set amount of time per game to beat it. If I don’t make the time, it’s a fail for me and I switch to the next game. Depending on entrant amount for the USF4 tournament, I may stretch or shrink the allotted time to beat the games.

I will also be giving away items in a random drawing to people who donate $30 minimum ($50 minimum for one of them). These are some of the items:


Full list of items are:

The TE stick and the Metal Gear Rising book are my own personal items that I am giving away as part of this fundraiser for Shatta. The stick has only been used once, and the artbook is slightly bent (happened during moving), but nothing major. Everything else is unused and brand new.

All donations (remember, screencap and send the image attachment by email with your username) are automatically entered for the drawing as long as they meet the donation amount requirements. I will call out winners periodically during the stream, and will contact them for delivery information. I will handle all shipping fees.

We’re SRK. One thing we’re really good at is taking care of our own. Shatta needs us. Let’s make this event a good one, guys.

As an aside, you don’t have to wait until the day of to start donating. If you want to, go to his crowdrise page and donate now.

Thanks in advance, y’all.

Already donated some monies last week, if you hold another event next month I’ll drop some more then.

I’ll try to watch some of this and will put some money in.


it’s just been a year guys. it’s in remission but not gone. I’m still fighting my rival.

I still need help with bills. donate to my my crowdfund account if you can.

donated. i don’t know you but i’ve had family that has both fought and won and some that have lost their fight with cancer. keep fighting the good fight and push as far as you can go.

SWBeta still acting like Rising ain’t his favorite game ever. What a character this guy is.

All of you guys twitter, blow this shit up at random people from the community. Just hit up Ultradavid, Jwong, Arturo, basically anybody that is anybody. If you guys send a couple of tweets with some random tag like #NegroInstall or #HelpShatta you guys will get the ball rolling massively.

Its his worst kept secret, ongoing joke he still tries nobody falls for

but thats neither here nor there in this thread right?

Keep it positive

(or maybe bring all your stream monster friends to make fun of him in the stream chat I guess since like with celebrities, bad attention is still attention and that could bring more attention and fundraising into the cause)

Getting anyone to stop by & be in that Tournament, who would otherwise be streaming from their home channels anyway on this day/night would be really cool

Can you imagine Sanford, Air Ryu, sp00ky crew or whatever-whoever to bring some hype

What console is that going to be on @SWBeta to get that word out and prepare ahead of time?

Beta is gonna be streaming through PS3. We need voices to commentate throughout the day for whichever games are getting played. So if you are entertaining or have a decent voice and wanna help out, post in the thread so he can have an idea.

SRK needs a “holy crap! thank you” button.

Congrats Shatterstar! If I miraculously get my direct deposit early I’ll try to send in a donation tomorrow .

PS3, Hax. Thanks, man :tup:

Also looking for commentators. I have a radio voice but quite frankly I’m boring as crap to listen to. Need people who have the energy to move people and bring the hype.

How do you set up additional voices for the stream? I go a high quality mic and spent some time with jane goodall so i can hype up an ape like no other.

I’ll PM you the details.

Start tweeting mofos. This weekend is rough because canada cup is happening too. So you need to get extra obnoxious with the tweeting and the facebooking.

Guys: if you are commentating, keep it PG. Beta is gonna have some non srk friends watching.

I can commentate, ive done tourney work in the past but I throw in a few jokes here and there; problem is I wont be off work until like 7pm that day