Shatterstar's av request thread: 5 @ a time



anyway, just some few things i want to get clear before i get any request:
[]THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE TO POST A REQUEST will get their av’s made. any request after those five people will be ignored. period.
]i will bump this thread for the next five people to post their request, but once again, anything before that will get ignored. sorry.
[]no fuckachunks. my skillz aint that high to handle that. i’ll let you know if i can take your request or not.
]still and animated avatars only. no tags. let me get my weight up before i take up that kind of request.
[]if i find out that your a av-whore i’ll ignore yo’ ass.
]noobs…wear the avatar for two weeks before asking me or any other av maker for another one. also, give props to the av creater in your sig.
[*]i have 3’s and ggxx sprites already but if it’s not a 3’s/ guilty request, provide all sprites needed.[/LIST]
enough with teh rulez…

here’s examples of my work:

with that out the way, who want it?

negro edit:

**finished work**




**white shadow**










**First To 5 Wins**





**Hokuto Shingo**




**tat guy**
















Oo, masta shatta is taking requests. Well, in that case gimme one that…hm…has a animated yun of some sorts in it please lol, preferably in his HP color (the black hat, white shirt, black pants)


k. check back 2morrow.


Alrighty. Ty Ty.


that elena avatar is nice




Ditto to that.

Just stopping by to say much respect Shatta, :tup: beast those avs… dood!


thankx, dood. :lovin:

pick up.

negro edit:
2 gill av’s added.


O snap, thats shit is tight.

Much Love man.


Could I get one of a black/red Dudley please doing whatever

thanks :bgrin:


holy skeet…gotcha.


I got a request. can you make one of a white yang blocking white ken’s SAIII and red parrying the last hit and after that yang does his 3 hit combo of S. mp s hp back hp (the karapalm) hits ken and sends ken flying and my name shows up after him. so it’s like him flying right then next frame is him flying a little then my name hows up a little. sort of like a trail behind him and then the name stops in the middle of the ava and ken’s off screen. something like that or is that too much? anyways thanks. if not, it’s cool.


i’m not sure i understand - will you only post in the thread when request lines are open?

just in case they are, could i get Q doing his jumping roundhouse repeatedly? the one on Zweifuss’ sprite site should be fine, spinning in place and all.

default color should be ok. the sprite shouldn’t need much tweaking, but if you had to get rid of frames for filesize it’d be good if you could ‘smoothen’ it, so it looks like he’s just spinning repeatedly. not sure about the bg… i guess i’ll leave that up to your artistic graces.


:rofl: Funkachunkz already… dood?


Shatter bringing the hurt :tup:


now i kno how DG mustve felt…


wasn’t sure if you wanted it prem or not but…

pick up. :sweat: get punched in the “i”.

negro edit:

i’m going to have to “deny” this request soley on the fact that it’s not going to look right in 160 x 64…modify your request please.

also, my rule basicly is once the 5th request is finished i’m not taking anymore request unless i say otherwise, ie, i post, “takin two more request” or “i’m up for five more request”. untill i do that this thread is to be treated as “closed” and no avatars will be made. when i bump the thread with a post then the thread is back “open”…get it?


HAHA that shit is tight, once I get home I’ll be rocking that :tup:

good shit man thanks :clap:


i’d love one with a shoto or chunli if it’s not to late


glad you like it.