Shazam starter Thread


Shazam is basically the Thor (UMVC3) of Injustice,
where he doesn’t quite do anything better than other characters (except escape corners) and has no gimmick like armor to compensate for his neutral game problems.

Complete Movelist


He is pretty much a vortex character. One knockdown can easily win a good Shazam the round.

His trait makes all his punches A LOT more damaging.
Instead of literally being unblockable as training mode suggests, they do the same damage on block as they do normally.
I think it was nerfed from beta testing (explaining the false unblockable status) and so far I’ve been unable to combo into this trait.

His Super is pretty bad, I recommend saving your meter for wagers or Meter Burning command grabs.

Atlas Torpedo (Psycho Crusher)
Overhead, very fast startup,fixed distance. No armor or projectile invincibility.
-Use as a full screen anti-air
-Use as combo ender
-Use to escape corner or get into corner
-Use for ambiguous crossup vs knocked down opponent.
This move is hard to react to and also hard to punish at certain ranges.
Sadly this move does not start combos.
If you end up on the same side after you did this move I suggest doing it at closer ranges where it is harder too punish.
MB version does extra damage and moves both players a bit more in the direction Shazam was facing.

Bolt Of Zeus (Fireball)
reasonable startup, bad recovery
-Use as full screen anti-air
-Use to end combos instead of Atlas Torpedo without messing your position up
MB version is an overhead, extra durability (not confirmed) and does extra damage, but has slower startup
Not a combo starter.

Herculean Might
Command grab, moves Shazam forward, works on standing and juggled opponents.
Leaves Shazam on other side. No armor.
-Vortex tool
MB version leaves higher groundbounce than Achilles’ Clutch.
-MB version is a combo starter.

**Achilles’ Clutch **
Command grab, does not moves Shazam forward, works on crouching and juggled opponents.
Overall the same as Herculean might except for side swap and lower groundbounce on MB version.

**Mercury Storm **
"Teleport" with terrible startup, decent recovery
-Can cross up
Slightly different ranges from dash and back dash
Can be used to build meter in certain situations.
Can be used as a combo ender to position yourself for the vortex.

All the frame data is in the game menu so this section will be for extra damage or specific setups.

**One-Two Kick (St.M,M) **
-Link into forward Mercury Storm. If you “arrive” early you can do an ambiguous Atlas Torpedo or backwards Mercury Storm if you predict a wakeup attack.
Arrive late and you can do his Achilles’ Courage, throw or command grab.

-Rest of section in Progress-


Man we need a better name for this Thread like…SHAZAM: You Can’t Beat Earths Mightiest Mortal


Any Shazam players out there ?


Question, do you need the MB version to cancel into it from juggle ?


Shazam can’t trait cancel can he?


Nope, maybe cause its to strong you have to find and opening to use it.


The MB Bolt of Zeus isn’t an overhead, it’s a mid.
And yeah, his trait boosts his damage to insane levels. I’d rather have that and not be able to combo into it than to have it be almost useless but combo-able.