She Best be Dead: 80yr old Man Shoots WANNA BE-Pregnant Cat Burglar (UPDATE)


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Update: Cat Burglar not Pregnant**


Sounds like murder as opposed to self defense


In texas that man would be hailed a hero.


Shooting somebody on their knees with intent to kill is murder


And if you arent prepared to give your life over something that isnt rightfully yours, you shouldnt try to take it from someone else. Cant do the time, dont do the crime.


using her unborn child as a shield for her misdeeds. fuck her.


She left his property, he went after her and gunned her down in an ally.

Some might argue he did the community a favour, but that’s plain murder.


That geriatric dude murdered her. Flat out point blank period.


Chasing somebody down and forcing them on their knees and firing. Guy admitted to murder. Not man slaughter heat of the moment. But she fell and as she lay there begging for her life. Old man just shot her.

I mean she did invade his house. But damn that method of killing is murder.


Ironically, he probably will get lenient sentencing for murder since he is 80.


There’s self defense and then there’s murder. She had given up.

This isn’t like that kid who killed his bully in self-defense. That kid was in the right. This old piece of shit is not.


Why’d he kill her like that? I could understand if he was doing it out of self-defense, but once she leaves that goes out the window.


And fuck this asshole for shooting her anyway when she had surrendered.

And fuck any asshole who agrees with his actions.


fuck everyone involved in this situation also fuck op for a misleading thread title


Can you PLEASE re-title this thread? Its bad to read on the bulletin thing we see above the forum. thx


They probably figured any sentence is more time than he has left.


how exactly isnt that heat of the moment?
you think after coming home to people stealing your shit and beating you up that you’d be thinking completely rationally?
also imagine you’re 80 years old and who knows what else has happened to you in your life.

people don’t emotionally calm down that fast dude.
it’s not an on - off switch.


Some of you are siding with murder? Really!? Hahahah, goddamn.

Wonder what the state that man is in, is going to do with him. If anything…



Of course people don’t calm down

But that method of killing is an execution.


Fucked up… Whatever happened to forgiveness and understanding? Who knows he could have changed that woman’s life by showing her some pity.