She has a boyfriend

Damn, this video is mad funny!

to good
++++++ rep for u




Thats how we got to deal with women in England

I <3 Matt Berry

He’s like an English, more talented, non-annoying Jack Black.

LOL he kicked the other dog too

now if it only had some stairs…


What show is this from?

Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

My favourite is when he’s holding the drinks, just the way he says it heheh.

From the BBC called Snuff Box. Unfortunately it got canceled after one season, but people are petitioning to bring it back.

this guy is a hero

Him kicking the dog was probably a fitting ending.

I’m crying man. I love Britain.:rofl:


I loved how he said “piss off!”, when the old man says “yes?”

Kicking dogs never gets old…