She-Hulk and projectile spammers

I tried wallbouncing and I end up getting hit. I super jump and I get hit with dante’s jam session or sentinel’s rocket force robot assist. I don’t have a problem with hadokens but beams like iron man or dante’s multiple missiles are a huge problem. When I jump over iron man’s beam, he uses his super. This is for my team too but its more of a problem with She-Hulk. Any tips?

What other characters do you use?

You may have to implement a projectile/keepaway specialist in your team to cover you via assists like Magneto, Doom, Iron Man, Dormammu, Storm etc.

You can use the Clothesline, but you’ll be taking damage through the armor, so you need to make sure it hits. I prefer using Hyper Armor Hsien-ko or Gold Armor Arthur (switching them out after power-up) to eat through projectiles. Hsien-ko will take damage but will smack spammers with Senpu Bu. Just need to keep an eye on her life. Gold Armor Arthur’s Lance and Fire Bottle seem to go through all other projectiles, but coverage is more limited.

so far i had my best success with using golden hsien ko as an assist. she can annoy projectile characters with her gong.

dante’s a bitch. we’re just going to have to figure a way around it. definitely need a good partner for stuff like that. pre empt these trigger happy dantes with a beam special to get them to calm down, and then make your move

Keep away will always be an issue with She-Hulk. I use Doom rocks to get in, a weird tactic is to use rocks to start block stun, slide as close as you can, and hold back for the wall jump and then senton. The super armor can be enough to get you in. A risky option is H command grab, and I swear I used c.H to slide under magneto’s projectile the other night, but haven’t had luck replicating this.

If they’re too spammy I have to switch to doom or ammy. I’ll use them to get in and then dhc back to she hulk (very rarely hitting my target) Ammy can duck under spam and use ice to force her way in. Doom has such a stupid good dash getting in isn’t too bad (still sucks against spam)

Once in with She Hulk you can expect advance guards because they want you OUT, so bait that shit! Start a block string and then stop, when they throw a normal (premature AG) you can smack them with full combo. Also forget about resets since the risk/reward is shitty since getting pushed out again can be so hopeless. Go for max damage and kill them asap! Hopefully this helps, but I’m still very much learning how to deal with this as well.

It’s possible to slide under Iron Man’s Unibeam but requires accurate timing; I was trying this out in training mode last week.

Oh I use Morrigan/She-Hulk/Haggar but im switching out Morrigan and putting Shulk as my main member. I need a projectile person badly. Was thinking about Storm though. Is that good enough?

I’ve slid under Magneto’s beam as well, seems like you have to time it well and do it close to him (maybe the hitbox follows the actual pixels of the beam, and closer is thinner? Who knows)

I agree with the no-resets idea almost completely if you’re just stuck with Shulk, but if you have assists to cover you and a good setup (Justin Wong had a beautiful reset system with Tron assist, and I have a relatively decent one with Chun Li) then resets are still a good part of the game.

Another thing I might add is that you should be using kara-grab and empty jump grab at least half the time, if not more. Kara-grab, even the :l: version is a good 25% of the screen, and the :h: version can get you 90% across the screen to them if they have a particularly slow startup or better yet, a long recovery. I’ve stuffed many Hyper Gravs from Magneto by kara-grabbing when I see them start it. On top of that, kara-grabbing with :m: is the best anti-air you get on Shulk, and it works wonders against characters like Wesker if they try to just spam with projectiles.

Really what it comes down to is Shulk has poor long-range capabilities, so having assists makes the work much easier.

Yeah, good assists are what’s going to make these matchups easier. I’m using Arthur daggers mostly myself, they eat a lot of projectiles. Tron fire works well, as does drones, rocks, most beams, etc.

But yeah, Shulk can slide under most beams. It’s tricky timing sometimes, but if someone gets a little too happy with beam keepaway and you’re close enough, you can often nail a slide under the beam into launch. I’ve been having limited success with a late :h: grab cancel after sliding under a beam.

Wall jump can work sometimes, but remember she’s pretty vulnerable all through it, even if you cancel. If they know this, you can eat a hyper for trying to attempt walljump.

For jumpers, slide kara :m: grab is awesome. As is kara ToT.

Also, I think resets definitely have their place, especially in the corner. It depends on who you’re fighting, but if someone has no air mobility or something like sent pan or haggar pipe, you can get :m: grab_ToT_air throw resets easy. ToT especially if they forward tech out of the corner, since they can’t hit you when they’re turned the opposite way. Resets are a great when you get a launch on a character with 100% life and you don’t want to blow XF on a kill. A full TACc combo into OTG torpedo, reset, combo into dropkick DHC f needed will kill most characters.

when im up against heavy projectile action, i’ll wait for the tail end of the said death beam, use that opportunity to go airborne, and then go from there, lots of times with over head smashing, air tossing brutality, but sometimes with the block, so i can hit the earth, duck and sweep, so i can trip and use the 5 kick combo. if that’s not a feasable option and im being chipped to def, i’ll put her away and use her at a more advantageous time, she DOES have a good amount of health so taking some beating is part of her job description in my roster

I use She-hulk, chris, spencer. Chris is set to gun fire assist and Spencer is the slant shot. I normally use Chris assist to approach, regardless of whether they are projectile characters or not, to gain the advantage. Sometimes chris’s assist works well against spam, sometimes not. It depends a lot on timing and being able to call him between projectiles.

I found out yesterday though that Spencer’s slat shot assist is AMAZING for fighting spammers. In my situation I was fighting a runaway Trish. Lots of jump and double jump backwards with traps and dive-kicks. All it took was for landed spencer assist and it was a dead Trish.

In general though, just dash-jump in and block while calling assist at the right time though. They’ll either let you back them to the corner or they’ll get brave and try to hit you as you dash in. Just play the mindgame right and you’ll win.

Got to start early… Start of match im already walking towards the other guy specially dante then depending on what they do i usually jump over them while calling Tron Assist… Gustaf fire either hits or they block… either way if it hits im sliding if they block im heavy grabn… also if they go low i Senton on their face lol… either way i get the combo started and usually can get that point character out to start the match… if they escape that i sub in ol Sent daddy and use some zoning and keep tron if he tries to teleport… if they get to the other side of the screen ya got to have a backup character she hulk just cant get in on good keep away

O and i started taunting after the heavy grab b4 i go into my combo… try it out and watch the hate mail pile up! haha