She-hulk Changes: Version 2014?



Here are some of my recommended changes to She-hulk if Marvel were to receive a balance update: What are yours?

  1. I actually don’t want mashing lights to return. Mashing lights in general should be removed from the game or given to characters like Hsien Ko.
  2. Make her normals LESS negative on block. She is a grounded footsie based character who has to earn a command grab. Make her buttons worth respecting on block e.g. Spencer/Wesker.
  3. Make her Butt Slam ground bounce longer. She should always be able to combo after this move, it gives her a decent air-to-air, super-jump confirm, starting game mix-up, etc. It would be nice not having to blow x-factor to combo off of this move.
  4. Force wall bounce on Emerald Cannon. Multiple characters can link supers together, why shouldn’t she? She hardly does damage as is, this will allow her to combo anti-air hyper into her Emerald Cannon.
  5. This one is more wishful thinking: Return Vanilla She-hulk, but with the other four suggestions. Because why shouldn’t she be ridiculous?


vanilla slide and vanilla emerald cannon. that’s all. even with those tools, no one’s gonna use her outside of a handful of players. she wouldn’t become any more “problematic” compared to other characters, considering this is a marvel game, where “problems” are welcomed. haha let her rock.
also, maybe a new alternate inspired by her classic(?) look can be added as an alternate costume. i think it’s only right.



Double jump
faster dash
wall jumping and holding towards will now activate catapult , tapping towards will wall jump regularly

cr.l reduced to 5 frame start-up
cr.l is now linkable into another cr.l( this prevents mashing it, while rewarding smart play.)
cr. m is now 6 frame start up and plus 1 on block
Cr.H buffed ( not sure if we should get vanilla slide back, i mean she should have it …but if marvel is not hooting for balance then i can understand giving it to her in addition to buffing her normals a bit and leaving every thing else the same.)
st.H is can now go directly into cr.h
lights out! removed.
new move: CATCH!: she hulk picks up a boulder and tosses it into the air , it tracks and causes a hard knockdown. same start-up as energy javelin.

special moves :
New: new move added to chariot: body press
15 frame start-up( or the same start-up as torpedo) overhead, causes groundbounce. when ground bounce is used causes a hard knockdown. can cross up. projectile invincible from 1st frame.
chariot and catapult: somersault removed from chariot
has armor from the first frame up until player gives input for attack( ex: torpedo, clothesline, and body press)
charging chariot is now removed
clothesline start-up reduced to 19

heavy strike L : same reach as before , start-up changed to 5 frames
Heavy strike M: buffed grabox so it can actually anti air, start-up reduced to 6
heavy strike H: reduced start-up to 19

all 3 somersaults remain the same


taking out the trash: buffed grabox, more invincibility added to it so that she -hulk is invincible until the height of her jump( ie the extent of active frames for the grab)
emerald cannon remains the same
road rage remains the same
fixed input bug when players would input emerald cannon but get taking out the trash.

would make her a good balanced character in this meta.