She-Hulk Mission Mode Thread



I thought I’d make this since there isn’t one.

I’m stuck on trial 6… It says to start with an AirFront Throw, but wtf is that?


Air front throw is jump towards the opponent and hit :f:+:h:. It’s basically the same execution as her normal grab, but done in the air. It took me forever to figure that out too. I was thinking they meant her qcf+M anti air throw. :lol:


Heh, thank you!! I would have never figured that out!


Mission 7

I haven’t been able to get the 5M 2H to connect after the wall bounce because the 2H keeps crossing under. Anyone have any tips to make this work. I could see this combo being really practical as it can be set up from the resets that are shown in the hyper guide.


you pretty much just have to let him drop as much as possible before hitting him with the standing M, it just takes a bit of timing.

mission 10 is kicking my ass. I have no clue how to get hulk to come out fast enough for the assist to keep the combo going. I assume thats how it’s suppose to be done cause I’m pretty sure running M does not connect otg.


I stuck on her mission 9. Anyone know how I’m supposed to get Hulk’s assist to combo?


You have to delay the j.M > j.M > j.H > j.S as much as possible so you land really close to the ground for the assist.


Isn’t number nine with Dr Doom?


Im stuck on mission 8: Heavy strike, st L, cr M, cr H, Emerald Cannon, Xfc, st L, st M, st H, Emerald Cannon.

I can do up to the first Emerald Cannon easily. The problem is Im not sure when to x-factor, and then Ive noticed st. H doesnt seem to combo into Emerald Cannon anyway. Any help?


taken from vesperarcade’s mission mode videos: [media=youtube]Xx4EBfzB05w"[/media]

good luck


Awesome, thanks. I tried searching for mission mode videos but could only find ones for a few characters.


I was finally able to get all of them done. She-Hulk’s was the only ones that has given me any problems so far. I wish there was a playback option on these missions similar to blazblue :frowning:


It is funny you say that because she hulks was the easiest for me where as I am having all kinds of trouble with chun li’s


thx a lot guys for this thread its helped me progress through she hulk’s mission mode.