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Let’s get the Q & A thread going. Ask a question here instead of making a new thread every time.


I’ll start. Doing the Emerald Cannon hyper, I sometimes miss the follow ups. When are you supposed to input the follow up motions? Exactly when she connects with the hit? Or a little bit after each hit?


Good this is exactly the kind of thread I needed. How do I get her Senton bomb to connect when not in the corner? I can never get it.


For this, there’s a timing for where the opponent is. If the opponent is midscreen, I do think you have to slightly delay the first followup. In any corner, as quick as you can.

Make sure you super jump forward after your launcher, quickly hit :h: and :s:, then hold :d: and MASH :h: as soon as you hit :s:. The key factor is hitting :h: and :s: as quick as possible as your jumping forward, then quickly cancelling into Senton. What happens is you super jump, then after the two hits your trajectory continues a bit further since there’s a window after hitting :s: that doesn’t allow you to do anything. Meanwhile, the opponent is quickly knocked down, and since they can’t roll they’ll be relatively close to you (as opposed to performing any delayed attacks). Mashing the :d:+:h: ensures that you’ll perform it the instant it’s available, and by then you will have travelled enough so that your super jump combined with the animation of the Senton should be enough to hit the opponent midscreen.


Good idea, this is much better than having a seperate thread for each question.

For EC followups, you have a pretty lenient window. Basically just do :qcf::s: right about when you hit them. AFAIK it’s best if you hit a little before rather than a little late.

For TACc, as guitalex said, just launch, immediate sj.:h::s:, then hold :d: and mash :h:.

And preemtively, for hitting OTG torpedo, when you do the air combo, you do :m::m:>:h:>:s: and delay the last 2 hits slightly, so that you’re closer to the ground when :s: hits, allowing you to land and OTG sooner. Just don’t delay too much or you will go over them and the :s: will whiff. When you hit the ground, just :d::d:+:s:~:f:+:l: ASAP.


I do the follow ups just as she is hitting them.

Alternatively, just spamming :qcf::s: has always worked for me as well.


when u guys want to continue combo after taking out the trash hyper midscreen (not taking about in the corner, where you just wait and do slide->launch), do you guys find it easier to wavedash or just dash once before you slide->launch? i know this is could just be preference depending on how good you are w/ wavedashing, but i’d like to see if people tend to use one or the other.


Brahman mentioned in another thread that :h::s:,sj :h::s::d::h:,TACc,:h::s:,sj :m::m::h::s: OTG torpedo will maximize damage etc, add on :qcf::atk::atk:. Seems like it builds meter as well.

Question: Will V.joe DHC with she-hulk well my team will be She-hulk/V.joe/MODOK, what do u guys think?
Question: If she-hulk is the last character left, will TACc work?


The answer to this question is no. You can’t TAC with your other team members dead.

I don’t know about your first question. Really hate Joe and MODOK myself.


What can She-Hulk do to fight against beam spammers like Iron Man, Dante, Deadpool, etc.?


^ Get a good assist to cover her and help her get in. Hsien-ko DF pendulum wrecks beam characters, as long as you don’t eat too many hypers, Tron’s fire negates beams, Arthur’s daggers are good.

Other than that superjump and wall jump are your best bets.


I really hope MODOK works out…Good with her…


I time the follow-up motion after the hit; I execute a quick :qcf: when I hear the hit or see the flash from the hit; make sure you complete the motion i.e. hit :f: and :s: simultaneously; I find that when I miss it’s due to pressing :s: a little early.


we should put all of the answers to questions at the top of the thread so that this thread becomes like a She-Hulk technique resource.


I usually super jump forward and quickly Senton (:d:+:h:) to fall on them. Obviously this can’t work forever, but there is always a chance to cross up. An assist would be a better option.

Although I will usually just advance guard and dash, cancelling the dash into a crouch block (a little bit of wavedash action), before the next repetition, taking the chip damage as I go. Once they’re cornered it’s easier to approach since they can’t move back. As for the chip damage, Shulkie has a lot of health so I usually couldn’t care less.


Is Shulkie mainly used as a point ONLY bec of senton TACc and having a bad DHC?
She seems bad to put second an last is not an option bec her damage potential is lost without TACc.


I use She-Hulk on point because she needs assists to get in on some characters. If I put her in clutch or even 2nd slot I limit my options and make the match harder. Also her damage potential is never lost, shes a beast, you won’t need TAC if you saved your x-factor.


I know several people have already answered this, but if you want another, really easy method of knowing when to input the followups, just listen to what she says during the hyper.

Input the first followup right after she says “Ready or not”.
Input the second followup right after she says “Go.”

Really, there’s a pretty big window to get it in, but these auditory cues should put you right in the middle of that window, so if you’re a little early or late, you should still be good.

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Check out the first two matches of:
RogueYoshi vs Justin Wong @ Winter Brawl 5 Money Matches

RogueYoshi’s flyaway Sentinel with Jam Session Dante assist seems to stump Justin Wong’s She-Hulk (and you could imagine similar tactics with Storm and Magneto, although the downward pressure and armor would not be as much of a factor). What would you do in this situation?


I’ve seen people doing some sort of loop
w/ she-hulk?

anyone know what is the input for the loop?