She hulk smash! (combo thread)

We might as well have one. We should discuss mostly some of her most damaging combos. Since this would be my first contribution to the forum, I’m going to try and keep this thread up to date as much as I can.

My bnb off any command grab

J. :h:
J. :s:
J. :l:
J. :h:
J. :s:
Cr. :l:
St. :l:
St. :m:
Cr. :h:
Air. :m:
Air. :m:
Air. :h:
Air. :s:

Otg torpedo

Emerald canon.

I don’t remember the damage input but it does over 600k and I’m sure about that


One more reserve

Should we add the combos from the guide?

Well I don’t have the guide, but feel free I guess. I’ll try and find a method of sorting them out.

Basic stuff
c.:l: x n
c.:m: or c.:h:

reset or cancel torpedo into emerald cannon

Command grab
:d::d:+:s: **
:m: (may not hit smaller characters and some stunned characters, in which case ignore everything from ** to here)
c.:h: ****
super jump :uf:
sj.:h: (omit if mid-screen against Tron)
:d:+:s: OR :u:+:s: (whiff, delay slightly against Sentinel)
s.:m: OR c.:m: OR c.:h:
super jump :uf:
sj.:m: (delay slightly)
:l: OTG
xx :qcf:+:atk::atk:/:qcf:+:s:/:qcf:+:s: OR :qcf:+:m: (reset) OR :d:+:h: XX :qcf:+:m: (reset) OR :dp:+:atk::atk:

If reset connects, start combo from **.
If :dp:+:atk::atk: connects in the corner, restart combo where you see ****.

Fitting in a s.:m: after TACc does less damage than just TACc c.:h:, :s:

OK, ive got the TACc down in the corner, why am i not getting it midscreen?
She always fall very close to them but not on them, can someone help…

About TAC whiffing: after you launch, do your j.C, j.S ASAP. you can also do an immediate j.B, j.C, j.S, after superjump and this works anywhere (including out of the corner). this way your senton bomb will be much more consistent at hitting a grounded opponent after the j.S

BTW guys, please provide at the end of your combos the # of meters used and the damage it inflicts. This way we can compare to see what is the optimum combo we should be using. And if you post up a combo with less than optimum damage, you should try to explain what setups it might be useful for

TAC whiffing? What the hell is that?

How do you do that otg butt slam cancel (she flashes) into relaunch I be seeing everywhere?

TAC whiffing is the exact thing you’re referring to.
you fall with the :d::h:, and cancel it by inputing an aerial assist combo (most people use :d::s:), the assist whiffs, and all your recovery is gone.

wow, that is great
so easy
I shouldve asked this in the questions thread
thanks so much

be sure that you’re already holding the stick towards your opponent while you strike them down. if you wait till after the strike to start holding it towards them you wont fall close enough i believe

K will try those thx, and i will post damage etc aswell…


Sorry I already posted this in the viddy thread, but I think it kind of belongs here since we don’t have much going. Is anyone willing to play around with this and see if it can be made more efficient.

This combo works on all characters, anyone with 1mil or less does not need a TAC, just regular otg to super. This is the END of the combo, can be combo’d into with any B&B with a slide in it. X cancel the slide, and you’ve got a dead foe.

cr.H, X-CANCEL, j.M, j.H, j.S, j.M, j.H, j.S, st.M, S, j.H, j.S, TAC, cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, Torpedo OTG, Emerald Cannon (all three hits)

If you screw up otg and super again for the remaining HP. Or DHC the third hit of EC into something, whatever works. This does 1.3m+ if you do 3 emerald loops (j.m j.h j.s) it does around 1.5m which is hardly necessary and makes hitstun scaling a bitch. (I have a video of this too if anyone wants it)

The options are endless but this is what I settled on while experimenting, lets see what you guys can do with it!!

Nice find lukybear. We’re always looking for ways to kill a Sentinel in unavoidable ways lol

She Hulk has so many 100% combos with X-Factor! just level 1, imagine what you can do with level 2 or 3. I will try to record some today.

With level 3 x-factor Shulk is broken. My favorite Sent murdering combo with xf3 is just an easy emerald loop combo (j.M, j.H, j.S)

c.H, X-CANCEL, Emerald Loop 4x

1.4m or so.

i’ve been talking about XF she-hulk for the longest time now. well, it looks like you guys are on a roll so i’m not going to bother making the XF tutorial vid anymore.