Sheeva matchups thread



I think it’s about time for us to start sharing some tips about sheeva’s tough matchups. I’ve picked up a few things from playing against sub zero, mileena, and quan chi, but i’m not THAT great, and sure it’s mostly common sense (I’ll go into it if you guys are having trouble with them.) Have any of you guys found strategies yet for sheeva’s tougher and more exotic matchups?

Edit: OK! looks like nobody wants to post, so I’ll get it started… This is all rudimentary stuff i’m afraid.

Kung Lao: his dive kick is a real problem, and a lot of guys i’ve come across are into spamming it for days, which as far as I can tell kills the air grab. be on the look out and stay out of the air, try to block it for some free damage. After getting hit with a stomp, a lot of them do the spin move, so wait it out and try to punish.

Smoke: Being aggressive = death. He’ll kick your ass with the teleport punch all day. Wait and bait.

Lui Kang: Keep away. He’s got a ton of super easy, frustrating combos, but no teleport moves, so you can just zone him out and frustrate him instead with fireballs, ground pounds, and the occasional stomp into combo guessing game on his wakeup.


Sub Zero: Block the slide low, and you get a free throw!


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