Sheikh Carves Name Visible From Space

I officially hate humanity a lot more now

Atleast the invading aliens forces will know who to kill first

Someone should remove the AD at the end

I didn’t believe it at first because it’s the Sun but it’s real. What are those guys going to do when we start moving away from oil… I hope they too are investing in alternate forms of fuel.

At that point they will blame the jews, and america, and ww3 will kick off.

Chairface still claiming the moon though. Umad, Hamad?

I would love to add a U between the HA and MAD to spell out HA U MAD?

but seriously, economies failing around the world, and this guys brilliant plan was to build his name on his private island. Also, he owns 200 luxury cars he keeps stacked in a pyramid, and apparently built the Technodrome from TMNT, as a motor home. And the worlds largest truck with FOUR bedrooms in it. See this is why I find it hard to understand why regular people get taxed to shit, and filthy rich people can literally do whatever they want and not care. At least when the rebellions start, the rich will be the first to die.

Everybody I’ve mentioned this story to has brought that up. Which makes me realize that the Tick had more fans than I would have thought.

Investing??? LOL no. But seriously, when we run out of oil (because they will NOT let us “move away” from it), I hate to say it, but the rest of the world won’t see a difference between them and terrorists. They’ll do something wreckless or stupid, and we won’t have to worry about oil prices going up, America will just make the biggest piece of glass on earth by bombing the shit out of them with zero regard.


make it happen, sheikh with too much money.

Well at least he’s paying people to do this work. It may not serve the good of mankind but hey.

Also, this has a bit a deja vu to it. The biggest ego monuments in the world are in Egypt and this guy isn’t far from there. Have they learned nothing?

If I was that rich I’d spend more time investing in the stars.

Shit I would do the same if I had that kind of scrilla. Why the fuck not?

i got more respect for guys like buffet and gates who are wealthy but intelligent enough to use that money to make the world a better place. guys like them and zuckerberg have already agreed to give away most of their wealth after they die. money is fleeting. helping the world has a longer lasting impact than writing your name in the sand.

but you know what? its his money, let him do what he wants to. haters gonna hate.

during WWIII, I am making it a personal goal of mine to bomb that island

This is some pretty ballin’ shit. I don’t know if this is going to be topped.

Just wait for Obama’s second term, and his plans for Mt Rushmore


This dude also built it by a body of water, so the letter fill up(from what I’ve seen)… Effectively leaving this here forever…

It’s like “Hamad wuz here” only it’s like the billionaire version where you get your name carved in the earth using thousands of laborers…

I’m moving there and I’m bringing a shovel to add “is a faggot” to the end of his name.

At least I have an answer to one of the most mysterious questions regarding life, “what would a down syndrome patient do with a lot of money?”

Can I be your co-pilot?

“Where are you two going?! You have a mission to complete!”

“Yeah… we have to make one quick delivery.”

With that kind of money I would have put it towards the perfect robot sex doll.

Compared to the crop circles (which some believe to be made by aliens) and that crap in the dessert, there’s no way it even comes close to the perfect symmetry displayed in the crop circle.

Everyone should take a piss on the MAD letters. It’ll give it a more vibrant look.

If his plan is to detonate a bomb so ugly faces on there go bye bye, no one is going to miss them, other than white people in their 80’s.

EDIT: Just saw the video. It being upside down, makes this pretty lame.