Shenanigans? cr. lk spam to Ultra?

OK folks, I play Gief/Rog.

While in a lowly G-3-A match came across an Akuma that was hitting me with ultras on reaction to jumpins. WTF?? He’s sitting there spamming a, I jump in to stuff it, I eat Ultra.

Is this even possible? Don’t you have to hit 2 lp’s first???

If I cant jumpin this makes the Gief matchup go from extremely difficult to utterly impossible vs Akuma.

For your better understanding, his ultra input is lp>lp>4>lk>hp

He is prolly hitting lp at the same time he is hitting the, but because of move priority, only the comes out still leaving the lp buffered. After that all he has to do you when you jump is (4lk+Hp.) That is more than likely what he is doing, but that is just me thinking without seeing. I don’t think the will buffer into his ultra like he thinks but it still seems to be coming out so I guess it works for him. You will see a lot of strange ways that Akuma’s try to buffer their ultras.

I to buffer my ultra against jump ins.

OK, that seems logical.

Now could you (anyone really) explain how there was one (or 2 or 3) times he caught me in a jumpin with a boot, he was just standing there, I saw NO lp come out no lk, nothing>>> EAT ULTRA? Again WTF?

Is that possible as well?

Yes, it is possible to have excellent execution on Gouki’s ultra. This is unfortunately all I can actually do right with the git is lame XD

Very possible…very difficult.

I’d say a little to difficult. If he was standing stationary like he said then he would have to press the buttons ultra fast and I mean fast for him to go straight to ultra.

Given that I dont reaaaalllly recognize most of your names, check out:

you can buffer any normal (+lp) into ultra, most commonly or f+mp. jumping on a completely neutral akuma (that doesnt crouch or do, into ultra sounds unlikely. he was buffering inputs for sure. anti-air ultras are not hard to land. dont jump in on akuma with ultra =D

Well, I guess I can link to my vid here, me being HeadstomperDK. There’s some stupid situations, like the Akuma I play against that does jumpin-ultra, but you’ll see at least the in action.


Yeah crouching forward is definitely the best way to land his demon for the fact that Akuma will crouch so low that his hitbox is almost un-hittable with any normal jump-in. His Crouching RoundHouse is only good for the fact that if you are playing footsies with someone and they decide to jump your Roundhouse instead of just sitting there. Your hitbox with the crouching Roundhouse is still very hittable with a normal jump-in so it’s kinda unsafe vs a jump-in. Another cool way to land Akuma’s Ultra is if you’re tossing fireballs at someone fullscreen and you can predict that they don’t wanna jump in on you but they are willing to jump forward over your fireballs then you can throw a slow fireball and when they get ready to jump over it, you can do the standing roundhouse to cover some ground and buffer the demon while the animation is completing.

Executing the anti air demon on reaction is really easy once you master the right way to kara it. I’m probably better with it than with anti air srk. My execution overall is really mediocre. Maybe my slow reaction time helps me in some ways as my demon usually starts and you clearly see their foot or arm inside my body already. For me SRKing is harder to anti-air stuff (i use cr.HP a lot more because of that). Ok, i don’t mean lame far away jump-ins you can see from miles away. For example boxers close rang jump in punch. I can only cr.HP or demon it on reaction (reaction in a way that i almost expect them to do it at some points). The fastest and most natural way to execute it is: hold down/back and press lp+mk twice fast (a comes out and lowers your hitbox but 2xjab registeres for demon) then slide the joystick from down/back to back (or back/up if you’re sloppy) and press lk+hp. Once your hands memorize this motion it becomes super fast (in my case faster than SRK on reaction)

If you play Gief, bait that with empty jumps at the right distance. In many cases the ultra demon comes out just as you land and you can even ultra them back. Anti-Air demon against empty jumps works but it’s a lot harder and if the demon is times against an attack jump in you are usually on the ground already and can punish hard. You shouldn’t depend on jumping in with an attack every single time. Against Gouken you get parried unless you mix it up with empty jumps.