first thread wasssuppppppppppppppppppp SRK!!!

just picked up playing gouken and decided to do an all nighter studying him, from what i’ve seen Gouken can be a powerhouse if used correctly…trying to master him now ^____^ any tips?


Hm. Tips, ya say?

  1. Stay outside of poke range,
    and spray 'em with LP fireballs NON-STOP.
    When they jump, Kongo.

Consider this a lesson because it will show you what Gouken can do.

Footnote: if they FADC the fireball and close in on you, you can dash back - or, maybe you have some ideas of your own?

Footnote 2: usually HP Kongo will work, but occasionally the opponent’s jumping attack will strike in the MP Kongo area. I prefer to not use EX here, because I already had a plan (HP Kongo =), and the cost of EX meter on what might be an empty jump isn’t worth the price, IMO.

haha im picking gouken up fairly well…i try not using kongo all the time, usually wait until i got some meter&ultra, then try bait out a jumping attack and punish them hard. the only thing gouken lacks is combo strings and hit confirms :frowning: i HAVE to think with him all the time lol

you have all of Gouken’s great normals, specials and Ultras, and Super, that can be used to control the screen 100%* by charging a Fireball, keeping track of the opponent, and cancelling to Super if the opponent exposes himself.

lesson number two!

it’s very difficult and can be pulled off only once in a while.

Use it to push your guard to the max!

omg, how have I never known that you can cancel fireball into super?!?!?!?!

this. changes. everything.

I believe, for any character, you can super cancel any move that can be focus canceled…except maybe Ibuki who has to be in the air to use super.

To cancel hado into super, the hado has to either be blocked or hit the opponent. I don’t believe you can throw a whiffed hado and immediately super cancel. The timing to super cancel cr.hp or > hadoken is weird for me. I almost never do it. You might as well fadc into cr.hp > ex palm and save a bar…the damage is comparable.

nope, I tried it in training. You can totally just throw a wiff fireball and super cancel.
So, ya, lp.fireball and hold it, if they jump, release and super them for the lulz.

lesson number three:

a video example.

3 rounds: 1 Vs Sakura, and 2 Vs Akuma.

I keep Sakura zoned out really well - I messed up the Denjin, but no sweat. It was late in the evening.

Against Akuma I play with confidene. I have all the tools I need, and I hurt like hell.

Cool! Now I can get frustrated by having super stuffed by Ken jumping hk!

just plan it better, and have faith in the plan and make it air-tight.

I didn’t say it was practical or to do it all the time. Just try it and learn it and then store it in your bank.