Shengee and Qanba Sticks

Has anyone ordered off this place?

SHEN. G Electronic & Entertainment, Inc.

They have Qanba sticks and I wanna order one but would like to know if anyone has ordered from this guy because I don’t wanna take any chances.

Are you worried that he’s gonna take your money and run? If you use paypal it shouldn’t be a problem.

Okay little boy, take the snark out of your tone and if you can’t answer the question then politely shut the fuck up.

Sounds like he politely told you that it shouldn’t be a problem if you pay through paypal… Snarky? Nah.

Dude what? What part of that was rude? You want rude? How about you apologize and read it again or kindly smash your head on some rocks.

you was too kind, I´m not so patient.