Shenmue 3 - I'm looking for sailors


Please go pledge.

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Almost 3 mill in under 24 hrs


Now only half-life 3 is left


At least put the kickstarter part in the title.

Got me all excited and shit.




Confirmed that the Kickstarter was basically just to gauge the interest, and now Sony is fully helping with the development of Shenmue 3.


Why does it matter exactly? It has already reached its goal, you aren’t obligated to pledge anything at this point unless you want the rewards or just help out.


3 extra towns if it gets more funding yo


Ah yea, forgot about stretch goals.

I just meant that Shenmue 3 is pretty much guaranteed to be happening, so whether or not it’s a Kickstarter shouldn’t really kill excitement.


Its E3 week so I thought it was an official announcement.


Don’t like Sony backing Shenmue 3 since they’re mostly responsible for the death of the Dreamcast. I’m salty…


Getting close to that 4 million stretch goal -allready-.


The death of the dreamcast was the fault of SEGA and SEGA alone. Its not like Sony took shots at SEGA or anything.

SEGA are the ones who pretty pioneered 3d gaming but they decided to go with another 2d system. The PS1 exists because of SEGA’s own damn specs. imagine that.

SEGA are the ones who withheld games from the SEGA Saturn North American Library for some dumbass reason. Perfect ports of Capcom games in their prime would have moved systems. Period.

SEGA are the ones that burned bridges with developers by doing dumb shit.

SEGA are the ones that released the dreamcast too early, complete with an outdated controller with a lack of buttons and a second analog, 2 things the fucking PS1 had.

SEGA didn’t release Sonic Adventure for the Saturn.

SEGA was fucking retarded back in the day.


“Lots more Shenmue coming up, so let’s keep the reunion party going and bring everyone you know!”



Shenmue going to break Bloodstained, I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit 10 mill lol.


Even with the benefit of hindsight you cannot honestly really believe that, When people were lapping up shit like RE 2 wipeout 2097 ff7 tekken3 you really cannot believe shit like xmen vsf alpha3 VS and marvel v sf would have shifted saturns, in an era where 2d games were pretty much on there death bed


Sony has Shenmue 3’s back.


Ryo gonna crush the great wall to get into mainland China, whoooooooooooaaaaaaaaa!!!