Sherwin vs. Neiman FT10


Two solid, old school Socal arcade players are gonna duke it out at Don’s Arcade this Friday to see who is better. Should be a great match. I think I’ve played Sherwin once on fightcade, played Neiman a handful of times. I’ve never met either of them in person, but both have been cool guys online.

This was originally going to be for $1k, but that might not be the case anymore? Also no info yet on when/where this will be streamed.

Make your predictions here! My money’s on Neiman.


Neimans wins 10-6. Stream archive at

This was really fun and it felt so great to finally play again. Long live 3s!


Also big thank you to Don, 5 Star, the streamers for putting this on and bringing the hype!


this would have been much more enjoyable if sherwin lost $1000 dollars