She's my asian girl


Best video ever? Unfathomably terrible.]

Just noticed this was posted in another thread. FUCK YOU GUISE IM OUTTA HERE


Yeah most of us have Twitter/FB accounts and those Twitter/FB feeds spammed this cornball video all week. Girl would get wrecked.


sure wish we had a video forum.


I’d flag the the OP but then I remembered nature has this way of producing something godlike to counter something else, like this Asian fetish escape per white women bullshit.


Does thou seek to travel into the ancient depths of The Land of Shoryuken? Retreat mere mortal! None scrolls to such a dark and abandoned section!


Interesting note: Levy Tran’s boyfriend is white.


Not my asian wife


Is it interesting? Is it really?


No ass, shitty tats ruining chest area, can’t dance and hair probably smells like shrimp fried rice. PASS!


Epidemic be pullin’ dem 11’s evidently. :rolleyes:


Thank the gods.


Correction: it was posted in two. I was the first to do so.



I’d rather have a white girl.




Because he’s delusional and foolish. And probably likes pain.


lel whit gurlz es top tierz.


The lyrics to the song are actually really good for what they’re trying to accomplish. The problem is that the music is REALLY bad. I’m pretty sure Nickleback has more talented musicians in it.

[details=Spoiler]BTW This video isn’t racist


Nickleback is in no way, shape, or form more talented than those ass-clowns.

Nor is Nickleback comprised of musicians.


Hey, fuck you.

I find certain traits more physically attractive than others.

Physical attractiveness isn’t really that important in the long run, and i’d never pick a long term partner based on it, but I like what I like.

Has nothing to do with stereotypes or past experiences, I just find attractive white women more attractive than attractive other women.

Those women are still attractive, but if I had a choice…

In fact my tier list:

S: Mixed women(any combination), European/Australian White women
A: American/Canadian White Women, Latino/Hispanic/Spanish/Native American women, Black women
B: Eastern Asian women
C: The rest of them


ANAL PROLAPSE. That’s what I see from the snow bunnies in the XXX industry. Yes, I know your weakness.