SHGL 10/19 MvC2 results

  1. Duc “Ducvader” Do - Sent/Cable/Cyc, Sent/Storm/CapCom

  2. SooYoung “SooMighty” Chon - M/S/P

  3. Alex “sin” Salguro - Sent/Cable/CapCom

  4. David “DavidL” Lee - Storm/Sent/Cable

64 people entered. David lost to Soo 2-0. Soo then beat Julius 2-1. Soo and Duc in the winner’s finals, Soo wins 3-0. David beats Julius 2-0, then loses to sin 2-1. sin and Duc played in the loser’s finals, with Duc winning 2-1 I think. Soo and Duc in grand finals. Soo up 3-1 in the first set, loses 4-3. Second set, Duc wins 4-2. There ya have it.


gj soo! :cool:


any vids from this tourney gonna be released soon? There were alot of good matches throughout the whole tourney.


Good game dawg. You got the nicest MSP I’ve seen in a while. Probably the only MSP I’ve seen in a whole too.