SHGL MvC2 Results 11/23


1st Peter Rosas (Combofiend)
2nd Daniel Maniago (Clockw0rk)
3rd Alex Valle (CaliPower)
4th David Lee (DavidL)
5th Jay Snyder (Viscant)
5th Soo Young Chon (SooMighty)
7th Duc Do (Ducvader)
7th Harry Potter (picolo)


yeah cool thanks for everything you have done for the sf community like holding tourneys fixing the arcade controls ect. too bad that had to be the last one:( sorry well thanks again


Teams played?


good jobs to all… it was a rale good tourney
i couldn’t tell whether it was potter or soo cause their mag/tron’s are soooo similar :wink:


Viscant also used BH/Storm/Sent. Clockw0rk’s OR/S/D is fuckin crazy!


that guy joe ellis was from AZ… was he here at the last tourney wen the others came… he was hella good


:smiley: im feelin these results, hope many had fun


Congrats to everybody, and to SHGL, both the community and the legend…



Maddest props to Combofiend for putting his signature on the SHGL legacy.

Too dope.



Anyone know if ShinJN was there recording vids or not?


So what I Pay 10$ and I dont get any apex points or recognition? Why is it so hard to put Dr.Spr0cter in a fricken tourny?!?! I may not have gotten that far but I would like to have at least somethin to show for it:bluu:

Oh yeah, let the flames begin.

-David B


Viscant taking his shirt off didn’t work =/

and Zangief’s counter character is Tron?!?!?! :lol:


picolo :
this is joe from Az…thanks for the props yo’…makes me feel good!:stuck_out_tongue: i didnt get to go the last time…it was my first/last time at shgl…i wish it wasnt closing down…i wish i could have done better too…but its cool cause it was hella fun! we’ll send you a copy of the pic if you want as soon as we develop the film…

soomighty :
cool meeting you, to bad i didnt have time to smoke with ya…but i was HELLA tired…you’re taller then i remembered…thats great! tall asian!! haha !!!

cool talking to you again :stuck_out_tongue:

and julius(i think) :
…fucking crazy shit!!! IM / WM too good…and tight ass kill combo with cyclops in the corner!!

and congrats to all of you that placed well…peter, clock, alex, david, viscant, soo, duc, potter…:smiley:


My thoughts:

  • Damn you Image for drawing my name to fight Soo first round! It’s all good tho :smiley:
  • White Power’s glitched Juggz combos and Mecha Gief=too good.
  • Julius’ war machine= too good.
  • Carnevil, my old title of team shoto master is now yours.
  • Chun Li > Viscant :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I’m satisfied with the way this tourney turned out overall. Playing low tiers against Potter, Justus, EllWarriors, and Justin K after the tourney was fun too. Though I felt like i was becoming dumber as the day went on and i was standing around doing nothing while waiting for my matches. By the time evening rolled by, i couldn’t even pull of supers, teleport, or even do the ryu infinite. It’s all good tho.:lol: I got a lot of good memories from this last tournament.


anyone know about match vids being posted anywhere?


Vids Vids Vids

julius got like all the coverage on the big screen
he’s gonna put them online… i’ll post further details


mag/storm/tron rep hard soo :smiley:


:smiley: I’m sure if yer team shoto wasn’t rusty, you’d have won. We can have a rematch when I get back from Houston if you want. But, until then… <points to his sig> :smiley:

lol, Justus totally had him. I don’t know WHY he chose to throw the match away by tagging in Chun-Li so that she could have her ass handed to her by Cyclops. lol, some of that shit was too good tho… “Tenshou kyaku! … HYPER! Viper beam!” :lol:


That tourny was fun, damn my Justin Wong looks doesn’t make as good as him though :(.


Justus’ Chunners strategy of “hit BH with lightning leg super and hope Viscant doesn’t super him back” was brilliant.

Oh, and I won the tournament for using Team Duc Hunt on Duc. Even though I lost. :smiley: