Shi And Udon??????????

UDON please get with Billy and do SHI I love that series here is a link to thier message board on the subject!!!;action=display;num=1120696368

I only read 4 comic books

Street fighter

anyone that hasnt read this book your missing one of the greatest comic books I personally like it better than even kabuki and I like kabuki alot.

I would so love to see a crossover too with SHI.

You forget the threads on Billy’s message board can be read only by registered members. Registration costs nothing, mind, but perhaps a quick cut/paste of the relevant posts would be nice for those non-fans who don’t want to bother with the process?

As to whether Udon will do the next Shi series, Billy met with Erik and they had a quick chat about it (I was standing right there, so I know it happened). The results of the meeting seemed favorable, but don’t get your hopes up just yet – Erik met with a lot of people during the convention, and I think it’s a safe bet to assume Udon’s plate is quite full for the next few months at the very least.

As much as I love both Street Fighter and Shi, I don’t think a crossover would work. While a couple of the characters have something in common, I think the universes are too dissimilar for it to work credibly.

I hope the Street Fighter character will never cross over with anything that isn’t from the Street Fighter universe in the comic -_-

Does anybody remember’s Malibu’s horrible Street Fighter comic which had a crossover in their third issue with their equally horrible super hero, The Ferret?

I’m glad Capcom pulled the plug out of that one. -_-

I not only remember them, I have them. It was basically printed fanfic written by morons trying to make a quick buck off an established series while remaining completely ignorant of the source material – kind of like the live-action movie. :arazz: The characters bore no resemblance to the ones they were supposed to be and acted very unbelievably most of the time, not to mention the artwork and dialogue sucked ass. The only thing I found remotely credible, if non-canon, was their notion that Sagat was working for Shadaloo only because Bison had his daughter (I’m assuming that’s who the young lady in the photograph was).

As a whole, it just was not doing the SF series justice at all, and that’s a severe understatement. I too am extremely glad Capcom put the kibosh on the books.

there was no established storyline outside of their endings in SF2 when the live action movie was created and capcom WAS involved in making that movie. If anything it was all CAPCOM’s fault approving the script after being written for only one day (among other things).

IIRC, Van Damme is quoted as saying that if he’d known there was source material for the subject matter outside of what was scripted – ie. that there was already an established storyline that bore no resemblance to what they were shooting – he would never have done the film. From what it looks like, the movie did not attempt to pick up where the game left off, but instead tried to Hollywoodize a ‘boring’ story. :bluu:

who said they attempted to pick up where the game left off?

SF2 came out 1991, CAPCOM of japan execs came to US, met with a producer, producer calls script writer if he can whip up a script to be presented to the CAPCOM of japan execs but he only has a day, so he makes it but on the condition that he directs the movie, presents it to CAPCOM of japan execs and they APPROVE it.

summarize my points again.

  • CAPCOM approves script that was made in one day.
  • Producers agree to screenwriter’s request to direct the film himself (his first big directorial job)

Street Fighter the movie producers:

OH wow !! Look at the number of Japanese producers involved in this “Hollywood” movie.

Nishiko :
Do you remember all of the senseless violence in those books? Ken getting scalped, Bison neck snapping his thugs, Blanka randomly killing some guy… I was under the impression they wanted to make a Mortal Kombat story all along but never had the rights to it >_<

Staying on the Mortal Kombat subject, I reaaallyyy hope both Udon and Sota Toys acquire the MK license. My hobby-life would then be perfect.

someone else (I can’t remember who)have the MK comic rights. The toy rights are with Jazwares.

But Jazwares has a SF line of their own. Not to mention the Jazwares MK: DA line is awful. So c’mon Sota, make it possible for me to die happy.