Shibuya random Tuesday Tourney

Hopefully yall find this shit informative.

omg I’m so jaelous…record some videos next time interviewing japanese top players next time! lol :looney: :wgrin:

i hate you…

wow thats awesome…it would be cool if u could record or interview more players about random 3s stuff :wgrin:

hey matt, how’s japan going? i might be in japan during the summer…pm me your aim name…uh…if you use aim hahaha

Yeah I wish I had a video recorder and shiet. All the pics were taken with my celly, and it also has an option of taking a movie… but you can only record for like 10 seconds.

Somebody send me a video recorder~ (of anykind) :wgrin: :wgrin:

sick! yamazaki looks kinda like how i expected for some reason…i hope he goes to evo

are you gonna go to sbo?

me and arun are gonna come visit you and get some BLACK NIKKA whiskey hahahaha. maybe in the summer if possible…

Unlimited play for $3? I wish my arcade had a deal like that.

Are Koshun and MOV the same person?

daigo? mahjong?