Shigeru Miyamoto steps down

…from his current position at Nintendo:

Just saw this on Twitter. He’s going to work on smaller games now. I’m pretty sure Yu Suzuki did the same thing.

Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine 2?

Sakurai takes new position.



This is big.

Miyamoto is to Nintendo video games (video games in general, PERIOD) as Walt Disney was to theatrical animation.

This is literally like a pope stepping down for a successor or a king abdicating.

I don’t know if some of the younger guys here realize how big a deal Shigeru Miyamoto was in the videogame world until the GameCube era.

His first masterpiece, Donkey Kong, is still among my favorite arcade games of all time (in the Top 10, easy) and easily my favorite Nintendo game, period…

Yes…We know about Miyamoto dude. No need for the history lesson.

So what. Nintendo has barely made anything decent in the last 6 years anyways. I’m sure someone will inevitably pop up and say “durr mareo galaxy” but that game wasn’t THAT good. Not to say it was bad but it was supremely overrated.

Has Miyamoto really done anything that great since the Gamecube? One thing I’ve noticed about him is how people thoughtlessly kiss his ass all the time. A long time ago I heard about some developer making a car combat game, then they met Miyamoto at a game conference or something and he said something like “why do the cars have machine guns? That makes no sense to me”, after which the developer completely changed their game to something else. Why the fuck do people have to act like his word is law when it comes to games? He just made some good ones, but statements like that shouldn’t mean shit to people who aren’t complete tools.

It could either be that Miyamoto was passed up by the current tech, or that he was feeling stale at Nintendo. He’s worked there pretty much his entire career. Hopefully the endeavor he moves to will prove that he can still hang.

Pyschojosh you are either trying to be edgy or troll, but either way you just look dumb because you don’t even have a point.

There are secrets you can only reach when you’re 1 block tall. If you’ve already eaten a mushroom, you have to get hit once first!

I’m interested in what he comes up with, and I’m also interested in what this young talent comes up with without his supervision.

wow dude you named 1 nintendo game. You sure know what your talking about. Lets not forget
zelda twilight princess
zelda skyward sword
New super mario ds
new super mario wii
DK country returns
Kirbys Epic yarn
kirby’s return dreamland
All the DS kirby games
Zelda ds games
metroid games
only idiots think nintendo will die, or doesnt have any good games

Uh…A good number of those games have nothing to do with Miyamoto.

Yeah not really retiring.

I agree that some of his ass-kissing is unwarranted (two identical threads about a position change), but the guy only helped shape video games as we know them.

He had a supervisory role in most games developed by Nintendo, so he had a hand in them, more or less. The main point is, he’s making games again.

He made the topic twice on accident lol.

he’s right, compare miyamotos earlier works to his most recent abominations. if miyamoto stayed on I could see him turning into a ric flair type character, doing anything for a buck while ruining his legacy

Yu Suzuki unlike miyamoto was on top of his game when he stepped down

Outrun 3?

Gotcha, I’ve been waiting for that shit for the longest…

I would like to point out that your signature is longer than your post.

Holy shit. End of an era @ Nintendo, I wonder if we’re still going to see Pikmin 3 now.

Seriously like what the fuck? Did one day someone say

Random Guy: “lol you are good, but you can’t still be that godlike if you had a lower position.”

Suzuki: “Word?”

*10 years later

Current Procuder: “Suzuki you have to buy everyone lunch today. Oh and look, SONIC WITH FUCKING SWORDS isn’t that cool?”

Suzuki: :sad:

Current Producer::rofl: NOW GET MY FUCKING SANDWICH:badboy: