Shilo Inn Player Roll Call

I thought it be a smart and great idea to make a thread to I.D all of the players at the Shilo Inn…Just for peeps to post up if they are staying there and the room number that they will be in, to make finding players easier. U can even post your teams’ room name to make it fun…ne ways just thought I’d help…


P.S- Post where you are from and the games u play to make matching “too easy”. I know most people dont know their room number so…

I feel that making signs to put on your room door is a good idea to let peeps know who’s there…like exple: “Team Fresno” or “Team llama”.

Patrick Murakami a.k.a. Trick-cvs2,mvc2,3s,ggxx/reloaded
Mike Smith a.k.a. King Lowtiercvs2,gg/Reloaded
Don Martin a.k.a. Magnetic Shardz-mvc2,gg/reloaded
Michelle a.k.a. Aluna-gg/reloaded
Rob a.k.a. Orion-gg/reloaded
Kevin Madore a.k.a. Prime69-cvs2,ggxx/reloaded
Frank a.k.a. Junosynth-vf4,cvs2
Greg a.k.a. DancingfighterG-SC2

this is Colorado crew…so far that we know of…possible more…we got 3 rooms. don’t know which #'s yet though

KOfiend- garou, sfa3, 3rd strike, kof2k2, mvc1
Mrquotes- tekken, 3rd strike
Ali- 3rd strike

The English/Euro crew are staying at shilo hotel too :slight_smile:

Rehan Shirwani aka The Chef aka DEAD MAN INC. - Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, ST, 3s, (and maybe a bit of A3, GGXX#R, SC2, CVS2)

Dominic O’Connor aka chunkis - A3, ST, 3s, cvs2, (and maybe GGXX#R)

Inti Lagos Brown aka Masamune - GGXX#R, Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, ST, Hyper SF2 AE, VF4evo, Puzzle Fighter,

Irfan Shirwani aka irfydude - Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer games

Daniel Merchan aka Dannybros - Tekken 4, Puzzle Fighter

Declan Reilly aka Decschief - Tekken Tag (Yoshi/low tier master!!) …and rarely if begrudgingly forced, Tekken 4 (with the best Nina^^)

Moe Murad aka Veggy - Tekken 4, Tekken Tag, VF4evo,

Most of us probably won’t know our room numbers until we get there… so it’s prolly better to exchange room numbers in person.

btw my room (called the Ministry room, I’ll probably put a Ministry sign outside the door) will be open for games, but NOT late like most other rooms, just until midnight or something… need our sleep, sorry guys. And also no smoking/beer ^^

Dec and Veggy are in another room, so their rules may be different :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

What a f*ckin’ great idea!

I don’t know if I’mo chill there yet but threads like this are much better than the sign-up list since half of those ppl don’t go. Now I’m convinced that the Chef and Chunkis are goin’ so I might have to show up just to meet 'em:)

Hey peeps, do us all a favor and don’t post here unless you’ve already registered your shiet. That way this thread is 100% confirmations. Although, there are always a ton of peeps not intending to stay there but ended up there all night, lol. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun, heheh.

Sup B! Gotta get some games in meign:)


me-i’ll play anything, but i prefer cvs2
Vietkhan- MvC2
Another Nick- MvC2, CvS2, don’t know what else.

Apoc: Hell yeh man we gotta do it big like the last few years…pure kickin it…

Nick T. : Cant wait to play you either…we have been chatting on aim for days…!

And to all else…its gonna be the shit!!!


Apoc: it’ll be sweet if you can come… look forward to chilling with you meign (I believe that’s how they say it, lol).

It’s my first evo… hell my first time in USA even, it’ll be a blast!

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

in 1 of our 3 rooms we’ll put up a sign for gaming as well. TEAM COLORADO.

team fresno

Team Beast:

  • Hellfromabove

Marvel, CvS2, GGXX, any KOF, Garou, SvC Chaos, SSF2T, XvSF

  • Megaman Dan

Marvel, XvSF, SSF2T

Not sure if other people from the team are coming so they wont be listed for now.


-See Ya!!!

who has a laptop? me and a buddy are looking to get some 2k2 action

FL crew!!!

Me - CvS2, A3, XX, #R

Heidern98 - XX, #R, anything SNK

AlexG - Marvel, XX, #R

A few others but they are GGXX and #R only

Since everyone will have consoles and shit, people should just donate their rooms to certain games, and put that on their door. Like, “MvC2” or “VF4” so peeps can just go in and kick it with comp.


team OMAHA

simon yoo: 3s and whatever else he is messing with at the moment
jammar lewis: 3s,ggxx,cvs2
travis nible: ggxx,cvs2

are we all gonna be on the same floor? thats how the rooms were reserved for EVO?

I will have a ps2 and 3s…don’t know the room yet at Shilo, but it is reserved…

hey just popping in here to say good luck to chef and chunkis and co. UK represent!

I just reserved my room! anyone interested in gaming with us…is welcome…we play mvc2 mostly

Hell yeah that sounds(:D) Dope(:D)! Once i get the room number i’ll post it up…for anyone that wants to hang out and play mvc2 or ?