Shim Sang Joon!

Thank you so much :tup: what is your gamertag I play Halo 2 guilty gear x2reload and I will soon be playing street fighter 3rd strike

Do us a chun one :wink:

I use PS and Image Ready for animation mostly.
Sometimes I will use Gimp.

My gamertag on xbl is
Shim Sang Joon

I play 3s mostly but also cvs2 and #R

KlarKo: Are you serious!?! I love your av’s. They’re very nice.
Did you make those?

…yeah but im cack at animation :slight_smile:


Hope you like it.

Awesome Thank you so much I think its awesome

KlarKo. I got your ChunFu Zombie :wink:

Samurai: you’re welcome

lol thats cool :slight_smile: cheers m8

Excuse me sir do you have ryu sprites from sf, cvs, and 3S? I was wondering if you could put em together in one av kinda like the different faces of ryu, thanks… :karate:

hey since you’re taking requests (i hope). think you can make one of urien with my name on it :smiley: if not thats cool, thanks in advanced


By sf do you mean sf or sf2 ???
In any case I can do the AV.


I’ll do yours as well

yup! street fighter 2 together with the ryu sprites from cvs and 3rd strike like their gonna take on each other.
Thanks man!

By the way, can you put my name in a different font? Thanks again…

MakMak. This is yours.

WTF! That was fast! Thanks man I love it :clap:
Can you make their stance animated kinda like klarko’s and samurai if you don’t mind? If not, thanks anyway :tup:

Sorry but I don’t have all those animations.

I’m gonna look for sprites from the 1st street fighter, thank you very much!

SF1 sprites:

hei are beautifulst these avatar!!
It compliments shim:)

a avatar only lacks for me :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps this link you can serve for avatar

Ugolvy I went for something minimalistic for you.

Hope you like it.