Shimmy set-ups



Can be done from a jump in attack, stand jab, crouch jab, knockdown, reset aerial jab or anti air.

I’ve seen many people use crouch mk or stand hp to spiral arrows for shimmy. Cobelcog uses stand mp to stand hp spiral arrow. What do most of you guys use for shimmy? I feel like this is an important component for cammys game especially since spiral arrow leads to a knockdown to do this set-up again if your fishing for a tech grab. I personally like using stand mp to crouch mk spiral arrow because it is easy to hit confirm.


depends on the spacing. to st.hp is great but its easy to screw up and have st.hp whiff entirely. i usually just or st.hp


Yea I didn’t like st. hp whiffing if you try c. mk it works a lot better.


I’ve started doing HSA -> walk back to bait buttons but st.hp whiffs like hell. Will definitely try! Being able to land would be clearly optimal but this is still a distant dream to me.

One question though: Do you guys always visually confirm the throw whiff before pressing the button or is it more like a reflex/timing based thing?


i visually confirm. the benefit of st.hp is itll tag almost anything, making it really strong.

some people throw out lights or mediums when they think you’ll shimmy so sometimes you’ll catch them with this. but its usually best to frame trap here, you gotta guess right firsr


You kinda have to guess if they throw whiff. If you tick grab setup with jab there is a specific time they must tech in order not to be grabbed. If you walk back a little then foward ot should always connect. Its nothing really visual you see. You have to completely commit to it.


Best way to practice is to set the computer on guard record and do reversal throw. Then set the computer to all guard. Best character to practice is bison cause he has the longest range grab.


I have a video coming out on Tuesday that will answer this question and more. Stay tuned!


@East So, is the video out? Could you post post it in the tech and video threads once it is? It’s getting harder and harder to open some people up in Gold+.


Actually I ended up posting it a bit early in the tech thread. Linked below as well


Thank you very much for this. Have been really struggling to get past a certain level with Cammy because I didn’t have any proper knockdown set ups. This helps a ton!