Shin Akuma and Shin Gouken in SSF4

man i jus found out that shin akuma and shin gouken are in ssf4.The real versions of them are when u make it to them on the hardest diffculty.shin akuma has his signature 2 regular air fire balls his raging demon is much faster he’s jus suped up.shin gouken is crazy to his regular fire balls hit twice an his slide punch goes through moves sorta like u r focus attacking through a move.

I just found out Ryu was in SSF4 today too!!

u shud stop playin if u jus found dat out

Shin Akuma and Shin Gouken

Yeah I know what you are taliking about I had all my friends play against both of them on hardest and it does seem like they are on a whole new power level.

@ the quad laser yea man they super powered up wish u could pick them but obviously dat woldnt b fair lol